Kurn's Q&A #14

Gotta love Tuesdays. I spent some time doing 3v3 arenas tonight and we got our little team up to 1400. Which is where we’re stopping as we go nuts trying to get honor. This means I’m going to have to actually battleground. :(

“deathbringer saurfang” +heroic heal assignments

On our 25-man Deathbringer Saurfang heroic kill, here’s what we had:

3x Holy Paladin
1x Disc Priest
1x Holy Priest
1x Resto Druid
1x Ret Pally (judging light)
1x Shadow Priest (vampiric embrace)

Paladins were on the tanks and then given the following assignments:

Mark of the Fallen Champion 1: Holy Pally 1’s Beacon
Mark of the Fallen Champion 2: Holy Pally 2’s Beacon
Mark of the Fallen Champion 3: Holy Pally 3’s Beacon
Mark of the Fallen Champion 4: Holy Pally 1 (direct heals)
Mark of the Fallen Champion 5: Holy Pally 2 (direct heals)
Mark of the Fallen Champion 6: Holy Pally 3 (direct heals)

Naturally, the tank would require more healing as we shifted the pallies from the tanks to their marks. The disc priest was key for this and our normally Rejuvenation-happy resto druid was happily using Regrowth and Nourish on tanks while maintaining hots on the raid along with the holy priest’s renews and some shields from the disc.


It should be noted that we also cast Hand of Protection on the first three casters to get Boiling Blood to delay the first mark’s cast — and if it was on us, we bubbled ourselves.

best 3.3pally holy shield drops from heroics

Sadly, there is no good healing shield from heroics. The best healing shield you can get outside of raid content is from REGULAR Pit of Saron, off Tyrannus. It’s called the Protector of Frigid Souls and is ilvl 219. That puts it on par with the Pulsing Spellshield from 10-man XT-002 Deconstructor in Ulduar, except I rate the PS higher, due to the haste.

The next step up is the Voice of Reason from Naxx 25, off Kel’Thuzad. For anything else, you’re looking at Trial of the Crusader and ICC. Or, if you have 1800+ team and personal ratings, you can get an arena shield.

More shield choices here at WoWHead.

blessing of protection work on magic buffett

Nope. That’s physical damage only. Magic Buffet is a magical effect that increases magical damage taken. Also not removable with Divine Shield.

curse of tongues putricide

Good question! I’m really not sure. Anyone have an idea?

getting flasks to proc on creation

There’s no rhyme or reason for it. It happens sometimes. It doesn’t happen most of the time. You need to be an Elixir Master alchemist for it to even have a chance, though.

hand of salvation marrowgar bone spike

Hm. Not really going to have much of an effect. Hand of Sacrifice, on the other hand (ha, ha, see what I did there?) would likely transfer 30% of that person’s incoming damage to you. ;)

haste cap holy paladin 3.3.3 patch

676 for Flash of Light paladins with Swift Retribution/Imp Moonkin auras and Wrath of Air totem. And the sky’s the limit for Holy Light bombers!

vile gas on rot

It sucks, doesn’t it? Same general rule as on Fester, 8 people out at range to prevent Vile Gas from being dropped on melee.

what buffs should i have up on my holy pally / what buffs does a druid give a paladin

A holy paladin is at their maximum healing potential with the following buffs (and their greater/raid-wide versions):

Blessing of Kings
Improved Blessing of Wisdom/Improved Mana Spring Totem
Arcane Intellect
Mark of the Wild
Moonkin Aura/Elemental Oath (5% spell crit)
Improved Moonkin Aura/Swift Retribution (3% spell/melee haste)
Wrath of Air Totem (5% spell haste)
Demonic Pact/Totem of Wrath/Flametongue Totem (additional spellpower)
Improved Devotion Aura/Tree of Life (increased healing done)

So druids, depending on which spec, can help out pallies a lot — Mark of the Wild from any of them, plus Moonkin/Imp Moonkin Aura or Tree of Life. Good stuff.

If you want to talk consumables:

Holy Light paladin: Flask of Distilled Wisdom (65 intellect) or Guru’s Elixir (20 to all stats) AND Elixir of Mighty Thoughts (45 intellect) & Imperial Manta Steak or Very Burnt Worg (40 haste).

Flash of Light paladin with proper raid buffs and 676 haste: Flask of the Frost Wyrm & any food that gives 46 spellpower.

when to call for cleanse on rotface

We generally cleanse (on heroic mode) at about 3 seconds. The person gets the infection. They get a disc shield. They run towards the OT. As they are running, they get cleansed. We do NOT tend to cleanse on normal.