Stupid Pally Tricks

No, this isn’t a post filled with macros to bubble/hearth. :P

I had an interesting night. We only had the Lich King up in ICC, so we could spend all three hours wiping on him, if need be. This is the story of Attempt Number Six.

[00:29:07.149] Awesome Resto Druid Regrowth  MT +0 (O: 1926)
[00:29:07.305] Resto Shammy Earthliving MT +0 (O: 1223)
[00:29:07.492] The Lich King hits MT 67046 (O: 3669)

Wha? Yes, the tank was one-shotted for 70k damage. He had been at full health. BAM, dead. WTF?

[00:29:08.569] Disc Priest Flash Heal  OT +0 (O: 7110)
[00:29:08.991] Other Holy Pally Holy Light OT +0 (O: 16059)
[00:29:09.458] Awesome Resto Druid Nourish OT +0 (O: 8147)
[00:29:09.458] The Lich King hits OT 66012 (O: 1957)

OT grabs him. BAM, dead.


[00:29:10.830] Kitty DPS Druid hits The Lich King 1192
[00:29:11.136] The Lich King hits Kitty DPS Druid 36489 (O: 124121)
[00:29:11.706] Kitty DPS Druid dies

Kitty DPS Druid grabs him, BAM, super dead!

What had happened? Someone inside Frostmourne (I’ve never been) either didn’t heal the friendly NPC and cleanse or interrupt the bad NPC or just didn’t manage to kill the bad NPC. Looking over it, it SEEMS that this was the regular elemental shaman or the mage app. Not sure which.

So the Lich King is merrily one-shotting raid members.

[00:29:46.335] The Lich King hits Enhancement Shammy App 32356  (O: 26396, A: 2955)

He’s at 13%.

I do what any paladin would do.

[00:29:48.249] Madrana gains Divine Shield  from Madrana

I bubbled.

But instead of hearthing, I cast Divine Sacrifice.

[00:29:49.895] Madrana gains Divine Sacrifice from Madrana
[00:29:49.895] Madrana gains Divine Guardian from Madrana

Still, people are being one-shotted.

[00:29:50.583] Veteran Warlock Soul Fire  The Lich King 8941  (R: 879)
[00:29:50.583] Rogue App hits The Lich King 656
[00:29:50.700] The Lich King hits Veteran Warlock 21151 (O: 32799, A: 13487)

Seeya, Veteran Warlock.

Then a rogue grabs aggro.

[00:29:52.317] The Lich King hits Rogue 1 Dodge

And is evasion-tanking.

Then I get a whisper from the ret pally app.

“bubble taunt”

I was already bubbled from casting Divine Shield/Divine Sacrifice. Couldn’t hurt, right? But would he come to attack me if I was bubbled? One way to find out.

[00:29:53.732] Madrana casts Hand of Reckoning on The Lich King
[00:29:53.995] Madrana Hand of Reckoning The Lich King 492
[00:29:53.995] The Lich King afflicted by Hand of Reckoning from Madrana

O. M. F. G. I just taunted the freaking LICH KING. I KNEW there was a reason I kept Hand of Reckoning on my holy bars!!! Hot damn!

[00:29:55.877] The Lich King’s Hand of Reckoning fades
[00:29:55.883] Awesome Hunter’s Divine Guardian fades

Crap. Divine Guardian is wearing off. If anyone steals aggro, they’re gonna die.

[00:29:55.883] Madrana casts Hammer of Wrath on The Lich King
[00:29:56.224] Madrana Hammer of Wrath The Lich King 1098
[00:29:58.086] Madrana casts Holy Shock  on The Lich King

There’s a lot of other stuff going on here, people still healing, still attacking, for another 5 seconds after I taunted him. He was still coming after me. And then…

[00:29:58.308] The Lich King begins to cast Fury of Frostmourne

I won’t ruin the surprise for anyone, but, at 10%, he casts Fury of Frostmourne and that’s a win.

[00:29:58.317] Madrana Holy Shock The Lich King *2427* (R: 180)
[00:30:00.201] Madrana casts Judgement of Wisdom on The Lich King
[00:30:00.207] Madrana’s Divine Shield fades
[00:30:00.737] The Lich King afflicted by Judgement of Wisdom from Madrana
[00:30:00.737] Madrana Judgement The Lich King 1429 (R: 159)
[00:30:01.138] Madrana afflicted by Fury of Frostmourne from The Lich King

Yep. I totally bought the raid the few seconds they needed to bring him down to 10%. Maybe we could have done it without my taunt, without the ret pally’s suggestion, but by golly, we did it and I have taunted the Lich King, something very few people who aren’t tanks will live to do. ;)

No loot for me, but that’s cool. LK down again, on normal. 8 hard modes down. Drama aside, it was a good week.

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  1. Hahaha! Brilliant! I figured it would at least be a close attempt, since the lock was using Soul Fire (which, at least for a demo lock, is best used in the “execute” phase of a fight?) and you were using Hammer of Wrath. But I had no idea you could DS/HoR. I figured, even with the taunt, he would have just ignored you since you were immune. Well done, Kurn and Kurn’s guild. Grats on another LK kill. :)

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