Kurn's Q&A 24

Oof, all this Real ID crap, plus a nap, means a later-than-usual Q&A post. I’ve decided to rely solely on my search terms for this stuff going forward, by the way. I decided I didn’t need a way for people to anonymously harass me. If you have a question, let me know via email or twitter. :)

1) how many people recemended on ruby sanctum

… 10 or 25? Haha, no, seriously, here’s the breakdown:

10: 2 tanks, 2-3 healers, 5-6 DPS. I strongly recommend three healers unless you SUPER outgear the content.

25: 3 tanks (one can be DPS or heals for Halion himself, but you need three for Baltharus), 6-7 healers, 15-16 DPS.

2) divine sacrifice macro it cutting my fps

No. Your Divine Sacrifice macro is not cutting your FPS. If anything, the spell effects of Divine Sacrifice are cutting your FPS. Turn down your graphic settings, either Particle Density or some of the other effects.

3) does the beacon accept its own heals

I’m confused. If you mean “will heals that land on the beacon directly copy through Beacon of Light, effectively hitting them twice?”, then no. Only Flash of Light, Holy Light, Holy Shock and Lay on Hands heals to OTHER targets will be copied to your beacon target.

If, on the other hand, you mean “can I beacon myself and benefit from heals I cast on other people?” then the answer is yes.

4) halion shadow resistance

You don’t need Shadow Resistance gear, but an aura or Prayer of Shadow Protection is highly recommended.

5) holy light vs flash of light 3.3

I’ve always done my best to acknowledge that there is another interesting way to play a holy paladin, that being the Flash of Light style. However, I don’t like that style. I don’t think I’ve hidden my dislike of it, but I also try not to be all “you’re a moron” if you do like that style. The reason I don’t like it is because it’s less flexible. You are basically forced to keep casting Flash of Light because you don’t have the mana pool to sustain casting Holy Light more regularly than “every once in a while”.

Whereas Holy Light style paladins CAN cast Flash of Light if the occasion calls for it and CAN cast Holy Light ’till the cows come home if we need to.

That’s why I prefer a Holy Light style and always will.

6) meta achievement requires “neck-deep in vile” 3.3.5 25

YES. It does require it on 25-man. Absolutely confirmed. (Click for a larger version of this screenshot of a GM ticket.)

7) ruby sanctum 3 healers

The reason I strongly recommend three healers is because the shadow aura in the twilight realm just flat-out sucks. Get a raid healer and a tank healer in the twilight realm and any decent healer outside and you should be fine.

8) anyway for you to block a real id person from seeing your potential friends

Afraid not.

9) saviana ragefire “no hunter”

… got a rogue with Anesthetic Poison? Otherwise, you’re going to need awesome heals on the group.

10) toravon frost or physical damage

Both. There is a lot of frost damage in terms of Frostbite stacks on the tanks and Whiteout every so often, but his hits are physical.

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  1. I’ve got another question for you. While working on Marrowgar HM (10 man) I saw a lot of issues during Bonestorm. Healing seems to be an issue, as well as proper positioning. Do you have any tips here? Where do you stand as a healer? My wife’s been wiping on him for 2 nights already and too many people seem to die during Bonestorm. Mostly because they’re out of healers’ range.

  2. Kaboomski – We generally have everyone spread out on the inner circle. At first, people were going nuts, running every which way, too, but just keeping hammering “spread out on the inner circle” into their heads and they’ll get it. :D Other than that, I assign one healer to stand at the north end and one to the south, well in range of each other. Just go to town at that point, healing everything you can. Popping DivSac when Bonestorm first hits is really useful, too.

  3. Thank you! /hugs

    Gawd I love the Holy paladin blogging community :-)

    Seriously, isn’t there a “Holy paladin blogger appreciation day” or something? Just thinking back how much I’ve learned by reading blogs… it’s amazing!

  4. Kaboomski – My guild does East/West instead of North/South, but the “inner circle” bit is the same as Codi’s. :) Bear in mind that I do not run ICC10, pretty much ever. I think I’m 6/12 in 10m. I hate 10s just that much.

    Codi – thanks for chiming in! :)

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