Live Realms Updates

Just a few thoughts flitting about my brain.

1) I got the ZG achievement today with my brother. The funny thing is that we’d both cleared ZG, many moons ago, back probably during the summer of 2006. I’d even cleared it on my hunter, the toon I’d gone with today. Hell, back in the day, I was one of the kiters of the windserpents you kill to poison you, which poisons Hakkar, blah, blah, etc.

Today, my brother and I went in and killed all the aspects plus Gahz’ranka and Mandokir (no Jin’do, though), then did Hakkar. Remarkably easy, sad to say.

I got the Heart of Hakkar and turned it in — had I done this pre-BC, when I was actively running ZG with Fated Heroes, I would have had the achievement on Kurn already. Anyways, it was nice to go in and kill Hakkar again. I can’t remember the last time I did it.

All that rep plus 18 Zandalar Honor Tokens (from bijou and coin turn-ins) and I am 2130 rep from exalted with the Zandalar tribe. I’ve been running ZG for a couple of weeks, farming the Tome of Polymorph Turtle and for mounts and such, but mostly because Kurn deserves to be exalted. Zul’Gurub was my first raid instance (outside of raid groups for dungeons, back in the day) and it was such an amazing sense of accomplishment to have seen my guild progress from taking 3 hours to kill Venoxis to 20-minute Venoxis runs, from wiping on Jek’lik to clearing the instance, including Jin’do.

I’m going to have a proper post about this, soon, but Zul’Gurub deserves better treatment. Zul’Gurub is the reason I started playing this game (that’s a long story, but I’ll explain it in my other post) and it’s being removed for Cataclysm.

ZG is my favourite raid instance, bar none, and is filled with memories of each and every pull and each and every boss. I can take you there and show you where this one warlock always seemed to fall off the bridge on his way to Venoxis. I can take you there and show you how half the raid always seemed to hug the bat riders. I can show you the first bugged fish we ever saw, who actually followed people up on to land and evade bugged while killing us.

So Kurn’s going to finish repping up with those Zandalarian trolls. And I’m glad I finally got the official achievement for an instance I’ve spent so much time in.

2) Somehow, I keep getting roped into doing ICC10 with my brother on the weekends. This whole “DPS” thing is so very strange. I find myself clicking raid frames to try to cleanse people. Actually having to pay attention to what’s happening on the game field, you know, like adds and stuff? Boss health? hahaha, so very, very foreign.

I’ve gotten darn good at dropping snake traps on Putricide, though, and using Disengage in a variety of situations. Juggling disco balls on BPC, well, I’m getting there. ;)

3) New raid lockout system. I like it. I hate 10s and the only reason I’m doing 10s with my brother is because hey, it’s my brother. So I won’t be bitching and moaning about it. We are stuck with the new system in old content for like, a maximum of two months. I understand it means some 10s or 25s are adversely affected and that’s too bad. But I love the new system’s idea. I wouldn’t have implemented it now, were I in charge, but I think it’s fine. <shrug>

4) In terms of live raiding, we nearly 24-manned heroic Putricide until, at 17%, our third tank got DCed. The wheels kind of fell off the bus after that, even after he reconnected a few minutes later. I know I spent most of the rest of the raid laughing my ass off, which is entirely the fault of my GM and my RL. Hope to get heroic Putricide down on Monday and then work on Sindragosa, really. That would be sweet.

Speaking of my current guild, my GM and RL want me to go to the guild meetup in Vegas next year, which would mean my saying to Apotheosis: “Sorry guys, can’t raid for the next few days, I’m going to VEGAS with my OTHER guild!” This still amuses me greatly, but it’s not why they were cracking me up. Seriously, I’m going to miss casting Hammer of Justice on my GM while one of us is MCed on Lady Deathwhisper. I’m going to miss my RL calling the triangle “panties”. I’m going to miss the vast majority of the raiders in this guild, particularly this one gnome mage, who is definitely my second-favourite active mage and in my top five of all-time mages. (Majik, Tandrace, Dar, then probably this mage and then Kylon, I think.)

5) Apotheosis will be opening recruitment soooooon. We’ve already snagged a few people with whom I was at least vaguely acquainted, but keep your eyes peeled for an announcement at our website:

Okay, time to grab a drink and go lead ICC10.

2 Replies to “Live Realms Updates”

  1. Hey there, Kurn!

    I’m still trying to understand your guild situation. I know you mentioned being in two different guilds at once, but it sounds like you’re pouring a lot more of yourself into one particular guild. Could you clarify that a bit for me?

    Also, when on earth are you actually ON the Beta?! I keep trying to bring a toon over and to say hi and I have your toons on my Friends list and I never see you on! I want to socialize with ya!

    Let me know if you’ll be on this weekend at all, so we can shoot the shit and talk shop.


  2. Oestrus – hah, yeah, that’s not altogether clear, is it? ;) Here’s the deal: Apotheosis stopped raiding in March of 2009. I went out there into the great, wide world of warcraft and found myself another guild to raid in as my paladin. After 6 months, I left and joined another guild — one where one of my dear RL friends was the healing lead. 10 months after THAT, I just couldn’t take the abuse any more, so I joined my current guild. They’re less progressed than my last one (I was at 11/12 HM on 25 and working on heroic LK) but they’re SO much more fun. And that’s how I wanted to end the expansion.

    However, somewhere around the time I was adjusting to my RL friend’s guild, I realized I didn’t want to raid with these people permanently. So I talked to various people and we decided to try to reform Apotheosis for Cataclysm.

    So, I raid in one guild as my holy paladin and have been trying to get Apotheosis back together for Cataclysm. I’ll be leaving my current guild once they stop raiding 25-mans or Cataclysm launches, whichever comes first, and they’ve been aware of that since I applied. So I’m definitely pouring the majority of my efforts into Apotheosis and raiding 3 nights a week with my current guild, working on heroic Sindragosa.

    When am I on Beta? It varies wildly. Tonight, I did ICC10 on my hunter, last night, I raided on my pally, Wednesday I raided on my pally… Honestly, the best way is to shoot me an email (kurn [at] apotheosis-now [dot] com) and be like “KURN! Get on beta!!”. Assuming it’s not before noon (ET), I should be conscious and able to respond. :)

    I can definitely be on this weekend. I should be logging on soon, actually — I have a guild to reform. >< Beta just wiped all the guilds.

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