Weekend Update

(Sadly, I am not as cool as Tina Fey.)

– I’m one Manalicious quest away from Chef.

– On Saturday, I actually HAD the Blacktip Shark IN MY BAGS and used Aspect of the Cheetah to run to the NPC and while clicking on him, heard the sound when he got the Master Angler of Azeroth achievement precisely two seconds before I would have. SAD PANDA.

– ICC10 on Friday went okay, cleared Lower Spire, did Blood Wing (one-shotted Council with me on orbs, if you can imagine!) and went through some hiccups on BQL, but got her down. Tried Dreamwalker, but it didn’t go very well because we were 9 manning it and I was on my shammy for that part.

– I had an absolutely lovely Vent conversation with a blogger I’ve only known about for a couple of months, Oestrus, from The Stories of O. Previously a RL friend of Codi’s, they reconnected with each other in the WoW blogosphere. How awesome is that? It’s pretty awesome. Even more awesome? Oestrus has stuck her priest in Apotheosis to get a feel for us to see if we’re where she wants to be for Cataclysm. She came to ICC10 Part 2 on Sunday night, too.

– Seriously, I HAD THE BLACKTIP SHARK. <flails>

– Beta guilds were wiped, so if you were in my beta version of Apotheosis on Lost Isles, you may want to hit me up on Twitter at some point to get a re-invite.

– ICC10 Part 2. Went better than expected. O joined us on her priest and we promptly wiped on Plague trash. /facepalm. Nice first impression. ;) I think we made up for it, though, when we one-shot Rot, Fester and the good Professor. Dreamwalker was cake and, for the first time ever, I did that fight without healing in the portals. I kited zombies! It was kind of awesome, although I have never wanted to be able to cleanse my own magical debuffs more than right then. Stupid frostbolt volleys. Anyways, then it was on to Sindragosa. Despite some lapses in attention and despite some miscommunication, the Apotheosis INFAMOUS LAST ATTEMPT rule kicked in and we got her down for the first time. (Well, first time on these toons for many of us, anyways.)

– O will fit in beautifully if she decides to stick with us. She’s already on the “I tease Kurn, therefore I am” bandwagon. Things like “Eh on Hands” instead of “Lay on Hands” and “Hey, I need my I’m on a Boot achievement!”… Naturally, the guildies cracked up. :P

– After the raid, Football and X and I went to MC. Football’s after Sulfuron Ingots and the Eye of Sulfuras for Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros. I was hoping I’d get my Eye of Divinity for my priest off Domo, and X was along on his warlock until we got to Domo, at which point he got his 72 hunter, in case the Ancient Petrified Leaf dropped. The Eye of Divinity dropped and, after a couple of embarassing wipes on Ragnaros, off I went to the Eastern Plaguelands!

– And finally, as you were perhaps able to tell from the video above, I’ve managed to find a decent video setting for videos! This has some huge implications, particularly when I get a decent rig either later this month or in November.

ICC 25 heroic Putricide and Sindragosa tonight. Fingers crossed for the swift deaths of these two pains in my ass, if only for the hopes of my current guild’s Glory of the Icecrown Raider (25) drakes.

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  1. Master’s call should really suffice for Dreamwalker. Unless literally no one interrupts. Ever. Fun trick is also viperstinging the mages.

    Gl with Putri and Sind :)

  2. What a cute Benediction video! I have to say that I failed miserably on that quest the first two times. :( I got it the third try and I was just jumping with joy. I wish there was a quest like this for all healers. The bandage quest in Theramore is another one like it. I like how it forces you to make the decision of which person needs healing the most and you only have a second to react to it.

  3. slice – I’d threaten not to heal you, but, uh, you heal yourself. Dangit! ;)

    Nellea – We had some completely new people to the fight, so interrupts were sketchy at best. Would have loved a couple of dispells, but I managed at any rate. Concussive Shot is still awesome. :)

    Viper Sting on the mages, man…. I always forget about Viper Sting. Mostly, I think, because it didn’t do a whole lot back in the day and I haven’t spent enough time immersed on the hunter since it became COOL. Thanks for the well-wishes. :)

    Tobeume – That was definitely my second attempt, haha. I got RUINED the first time. I was completely unprepared.

    I do like Triage as well. Once I got the hang of that one on my hunter and did it, all my other toons have done it just fine. I really enjoy triage-style healing, so…. hopefully I’ll enjoy healing in Cata! ;D

  4. so about that ancient petrified leaf…how do you finish the questline, not that Onyxia doesn’t drop her sinew anymore?

  5. Leah: The Sinew drops off other other dragonkin. I think it’s the brood that inhabits Searing Gorge, but I’d double-check on Wowhead. It’s definitely still possible.

  6. I fail at typing yet again. It drops off of other dragonkin, not other other dragonkin.

  7. HA HA! Thanks for the plug and the praise, by the way. We’re one step away from pulling a Ben Affleck and taking a full page ad out in WoW Magazine talking about how each of us are so fabulous and praising our grace and strength. Go-go, advertising revenue!

    Your guild is a lot of fun and so are your guildies and I think that run has a strong shot of getting that LK kill, too.

    I got my fishing to about 350 or so (ish) and man that was a struggle. It can be kind of relaxing and I have times where I have the “urge” to fish. I think I don’t mind fishing if I can do something else with it. Like I enjoy the fishing daily, because I get a quest done, some gold and I level the skill a bit. But just fishing with no incentive – not so much.

    I’m a very “Kill 2 birds with 1 stone” kinda girl.

  8. Leah & X – Actually, I’m fairly certain it drops off the black dragonkin in Burning Steppes. There are a ton of dragons in that zone. You have to be on the quest for the sinew in order for it to drop, I believe, and the sinew is, of course, BOP.

    Oestrus – Hey, the praise was definitely earned and I’m happy to plug. :) Let us, however, endeavour to stay at one step away from Ben Affleck’s behaviour. ;)

    I’m glad you’re liking the guild and guildies! As to the run, would you perchance be available or no? I’m kind of surprised we have less signups than I anticipated. Maybe my raid leader tendencies need a little softening…

    My incentive for fishing was “earn gold”. Actually, it was fishing out motes of water from pools of Pure Water that got me started, for my Frozen Shadoweave stuff for my BC-era frost mage. I just kept up with it through Wrath (although I got fishing almost maxed on my paladin simply for food reasons) and hit 450 fishing on Kurn while watching Apotheosis disintegrate in February of 2009, to be honest. I was sitting there in Dal, fishing up my coins from the fountain, because I didn’t want to not be available to guildies wondering what was happening and the like. Kind of a sad reason to keep up with fishing, but there you go.

    I’m also a fan of titles. Kurn has a dozen or so at this point. All the holiday ones, Knight-Captain, Jenkins, of the Nightfall… Adding Chef and Salty soon, I hope! :) So fishing’s part of that, too. I’m not one to mindlessly fish for too long, but I’ll go out and fish up mats for Fish Feasts and try for a Sea Turtle while I’m at it. :)

  9. Let me check my scheduling and get back to you, after work. Although, with the way my day is shaping up, I’ll have more free time during work than I thought – lol

    That’s one thing I’ll miss, if/when I go to the priest is giving up all the history. I have no titles on the priest and no special mounts. Granted, I’m sure Cata will offer some. But it would take some adjusting to not have all that fancy stuff around me at any given time – at least immediately.

  10. Oestrus – sounds good, just keep me posted. :)

    As to titles, I made a conscious decision to always level Kurn first and Madrana second. I made the decision for Madrana to get all the achievements and titles that go with raiding (25-man encounters, anyways) and for Kurn to get all the holiday stuff. Madrana has Flame Warden, I think, but that’s the only seasonal one she has. And Kurn has of the Nightfall, but that’s the only raid-related one.

    It was hard, in the beginning of BC. No one wanted a hunter for anything, not for raids, not for dungeons. Which is how I started healing in BC, with my ridiculous experience from Vanilla (uh, some of MC, ZG clear and 3/6 AQ20). It was easier for me in Wrath. I’d spent an entire expansion healing on Madrana, even though I got Kurn into raids for Tidewalker and Gorefiend first kills. :) So I got comfortable with the idea of split achievements and rewards.

    I don’t know what I’d do if I’d always been on Kurn up to this point and then switched to the pally, or vice-versa. The Amani War Bear you mentioned, your titles… that’s all pretty harsh to lose, in what is essentially one fell swoop. We can replace a couple — of the Nightfall is easy enough and maybe Kingslayer will work out, but it’ll take some time to adjust, for sure.

    I don’t roleplay or anything of the sort, but I do get very attached to my characters. Kurn and Madrana are definitely really big pieces of me.

    Er, short form of above: I totally understand.

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