Naming Stuff and Sneak Peek

All righty, I’ve been working on this guide to being a Kick-Ass Guild Master and I find that I need your input on a site name.

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So, please take a second to vote, pretty please! And if you think all of those names suck, please post your suggestions in the comments. :)

And now, here is a sneak preview of a portion of Module 2 of the Kick-Ass GM Guide: How to Recruit. It’s all of Step 3 in the Finding Recruits section.


4 Replies to “Naming Stuff and Sneak Peek”

  1. Unless you’re purposely trying to promote yourself more than the guide, either leave your name off or put it at the end. Just my opinion.
    I like the “by Kurn” but I think it needs more than just “Guide(s)” in the title. I’m bad at being inventive though.

  2. As per Jay’s suggestion I also like “The Guild Building Guide” or “The Guide to Building Your Guild” or “Guilds: Building, Maintainace, and Mastery”

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