Sneak Peek 2 – Officers!

The other day, I put up a post asking for feedback (thank you!) and allowing you all to download my first sneak peek at a section of my Kick-Ass Guild Master guide. More than 300 downloads later, I thought, hey, why not put up another sneak peek?

So, here you go! Sneak Peek 2 is from my Officer module. It’s all about you, as the guild master, rebuking an officer for a variety of reasons.

And if you’d still like to download the other sneak peek from my How to Recruit module, you can do so here:

All told, the full guide (which is about two-thirds of the way done) is already over 37,000 words long and covers a variety of situations dealing with setting up the guild (module 1), recruiting for the guild (module 2), officer issues (module 3) and I’m currently working on community management (module 4). Still need to write up how to plan for expansions (module 5) and how to quit without killing your guild (module 6).

If nothing else, this has been a blast to write. Enjoy the sneak peeks and I’ll probably add another one (from community management) next week.