Of LFR and Shields and Offhands

So, lots of news to do with us and our gear of late! I apologize for not being on the cutting edge of news, but hey, research papers and final exams and lack of sleep all take their tolls. ;)

Anyhow, let’s talk a bit about this little tidbit that affects Looking For Raid gear ONLY: “Some items were recently reclassified.” That means that several items were tagged so that only those classes can use them.

  • Timepiece of the Bronze Flight – Paladin, Shaman
  • Ledger of Revolting Rituals – Druid, Priest

What’s this? Paladins can no longer roll need on the Ledger? But isn’t the Ledger BETTER than the shield?

It was.

They have hotfixed the Timepiece of the Bronze Flight to add a red socket with a 10 int socket bonus. It is now 20 intellect stronger than the Ledger. (Unfortunately, no tooltips seem to have picked up on this fix.)

Without the hotfix to the shield, the reclassification of the Ledger to Druid and Priest ONLY would have been ridiculous — but again, those tags are only for Looking For Raid. If you’re raiding normal Dragon Soul (or heroic Dragon Soul, for that matter) then those classifications don’t exist.

However, given the change to the shield, there’s absolutely no point in us snagging the Ledger at all unless we’ve been SERIOUSLY screwed over by drops of the shield.

I have to say I’m kind of glad about this change. The last time I seriously used an offhand instead of a shield was probably in vanilla WoW when I was using Arlokk’s Hoodoo Stick, which was awesome if only because it looked like I was dual-wielding, hee! (And now I’m sad I won’t pick up the Ledger because now I can’t transmogrify the Ledger INTO Arlokk’s Hoodoo Stick!) But yes, as I was saying, I’m glad about the change overall. Paladins and shaman are supposed to use shields. Period. I’m not sure why that is, but seeing a paladin or a shaman using an offhand when a shield is more appropriate for them makes me sad.

I mean, no one BUT a holy paladin or a resto/ele shaman is going to want to pick up a shield with spellpower intellect on it. But potentially more than just a druid or a priest would want an intellect off-hand, particularly if it doesn’t have spirit on it. Intellect shields are made for us and the intellect-loving shaman. That’s clearly Blizzard’s vision for us and, despite my bitching (which I do a lot) I find myself reluctant to stray from that particular vision. A lot of the time, Blizzard’s vision will be in opposition with what is seen as being “optimal”. In the case of the Ledger vs. Timepiece, I was willing to just keep using my heroic Beth’tilac shield until everyone in my raid who wanted the Ledger had gotten it, and then I would have expressed interest in the Ledger. (And then would have transmogrified it.)

I want to play my class optimally (or as close as I can while still enjoying what I’m doing) but when “the vision” of the class is in opposition to “optimal play”, it discourages me overall.

So good for Blizzard for fixing the Timepiece. I’m really glad I get to rock a shield again this tier. That’s just how it should be.

(Now, having said that, anyone have any recommendations for a shield to transmogify to that matches Lightforge?)

There was also a hotfix to the Heart of Unliving: It got 323 intellect to go with the stacking 88 spirit bonus.

And there was a hotfix to our 4pc bonus — now increases healing done by Holy Radiance by 5%, down from 20%. So… yeah, that’s a nerf.

As such, I updated my Gear List post with a few strikeouts and new notes.

In other news, Apotheosis is seeking a HUNTER and a RESTORATION SHAMAN! We’re 7/8 with a 7.8% wipe on Madness and, well, we’re generally awesome, so apply now. :)

4 Replies to “Of LFR and Shields and Offhands”

  1. First of all, the Timepiece is an awesome looking shield. It looks gigantic and extraordinarily heavy, though… I get tired just looking at it.

    I’ve written extensively on my love of shields, and I agree with you: Paladins should wear shields. It just… works, you know? As I was levelling I used an off-hand sceptre for a while to replace my Lost Pavise of the Blue Flight off Sindragosa. I felt dirty. I felt shameful. I felt like I was a Priest in plate. It just didn’t feel right at all. The first thing I did when I hit 85 was have a guildie craft the Elementium Stormshield for me.

    I have been considering putting together a Shield Transmog post, but there are so many options that it’s rather daunting. However, a quick google search found this one: http://www.argentarchives.org/files/imagecache/gallery_main/gallery_image/Archael Lightbringer Armor Cropped.jpg
    Which I believe is the Dawnforged Defender: http://www.wowhead.com/item=34676#. Exalted Rep reward from Shattered Sun Offensive.

  2. I’ve been looking for a decent shield to transmog ever since I heard about the latter.
    For me, the shield should be small; I’m not a tank, I’m a healer. I don’t need to hide behind one and take heavy blows from bosses . I hated the Naxx shield for that reason; it was almost as big as I was. So, I found Gizlock’s Hypertech Buckler to be just right for me. it’s small, shiny, and spins, too!
    As far as the Ledger goes, our Holy Priest has already grabbed it, so if it drops again, I’m going to go for it. Good news that the shield has been upgraded, but it 10 man you can’t afford to depend on anything dropping for you, now or ever! I’ve already been screwed by the rng so far – 1 drop from 3 weeks of raiding (and that darned Vanquisher token is as usual, seemingly the only one that drops. Well not quite; I think it is 11 Vanquisher tokens and 2 each of the others! At least our Druid tank has his 4 set bonus now.).

  3. Saw the Ledger get sharded today in LFR. Made me cry, especially when Blackhorn didn’t drop the shield either. :(

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