Hey folks! I hope the holidays are treating everyone well and that people are enjoying whatever it is they’re doing at the moment, whether that’s in-game or out. :)

As for myself, as some of you on Twitter or in my guilds may be aware, my 93 year-old grandmother fell last week and broke her hip. She’s been in the hospital since then and has come through her surgery quite well. That said, she’s still quite elderly and she has a lot of work ahead of her in terms of recovery and rehabilitation. Thank you to everyone who’s tweeted me with their support. Your positive thoughts, good vibes and prayers are greatly appreciated and I ask that you continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers. <3

So that’s primarily why I’ve been quiet of late, although there’s also the whole “holiday” thing. It hasn’t been the best holiday for me and the family, but we’ve managed to find pockets of joy here and there.

I have a LOT to say about Dragon Soul, paladins, raiding, LFR, elitism, VPs and the like… but I’m not sure when I’ll have the opportunity to write about it all.

In short:

– Apotheosis is 8/8 and we’ll be pushing H Morchok on the 3rd of January (and we’re recruiting, apply now!)
– I’ve done LFR a few times and have had mixed experiences with it, but overall, it seems to be an easy way to get at least 250 VP, if not 500.
– If a holy paladin gets the green buff on Ultraxion, HOLY CRAP, it is AWESOME, haha! (I normally get blue with Apotheosis, but got given green in Choice last week and I blew up the meters, which was hilarious.)
– I also want to do an in-depth examination of Holy Radiance at some point, but basically, it can be very, very useful. It still doesn’t mean that we are “raid healers” though. We can help on the raid significantly, but we’re still very well used as tank healers. If you have 3 resto druids, 1 holy paladin, 1 disc priest and 1 holy priest, you and the disc are likely best served on the tanks with the others on the raid. Do not forget that while Holy Radiance is all shiny, your group comp might be best served with you on the tank. And that is okay. It really depends on your assignment and your group.
– Ultraxion healing: I recommend resto druids/holy priests on red, resto shaman/holy paladins on green, disc priests/holy paladins on blue. Basically, your strongest raid healers on red, then people who will mostly proc green’s buff on green (Sanc, Wild Growth, Healing Rain don’t proc it, so Chain Heal and Holy Radiance go go go) and tank healers on blue. Seems to work nicely.

Anyhow, that’s all from me for now. Short post and it’s still about 500 words. I am incapable of writing less, it would seem!

Best wishes to you all and have a happy (and safe) new year. :)

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  1. Happy holidays Kurn.! Also grats on 8/8!

    From 10 man perspective, we have gone down to 2 healing the normal version of the fight. Fight doesnt even make it to the 4 aspect buff. I pick up the red as disc and spam PoH. Holy Pally picks up blue and then green if needed. Has worked out nice to far.

  2. Everything else that I’ve read has said as a Holy Pally, go for Blue and just go nuts with Holy Radiance. I guess if you have to focus tanks so much that you don’t have the opportunity to do that, you’re stuck. Our holy pally topped 70k hps but he utilized HR more to help even out the raid, with a disc priest focusing tanks more.

    Regardless, Holy Paladins absolutely rock this fight.

  3. still not raid healers? I’ve seen a holy paladin solo heal Ultraxion (with the gear he got from DS from this weeks, not even H-FL)
    Its insane

  4. Hi!
    I read you’re working on Morchok Heroic, so I thought you might be interested in a video guide I’ve made. It’s a narrated guide to Morchok heroic from a holy paladins point of view. It covers the basic strategy with a focus on healing. I think you might find some tips in it, especially since you play a holy paladin.


    I just wanted to share it with you. Good luck in DS!

  5. First of all glad your back and glad your Grandmother is doing well. Second I’ve found that blue is amazing for holy paladins, I’ve blown up the meters using holy radiance spam with the blue buff, it gives you free holy radiance and I can usually have it on about 5 people at one time which is just amazing. Chase had a post about it over at wow insider that I thought accurately highlights the strengths of the blue buff and why its fits holy paladins so well: http://wow.joystiq.com/2011/12/11/the-light-and-how-to-swing-it-blinding-ultraxion-with-the-holy/

  6. Two quick Ultraxion comments after healing the alt 10man last night:

    – AoE heals are more likely to proc the green buff on 10 than on 25 (assuming it’s also 1500 minimum on 10) because of fewer extra people in the shiny. My Healing Rain ticks averaged 1553 on 10 vs. ~500 on 25.

    – I had red then blue. Holy moly was the chain heal spam at the end fun! /jelly

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