Rough night, last night. We spent 4 hours wiping on Deconstructor.

You know how many times I died? 31 times. At about 8 gold a pop. I DIed people 4 times, so that’s 27 times 8 for repairs.

That’s 216g.

That doesn’t count the 31 Imperial Manta Steaks I ate, nor the 353 symbols of kings I used in casting Blessing of Kings on 10 classes prior to each pull, tossing it again if there were late-comers or battle rezzes…

Best attempts: 16%, 6% and 3%. We hit the enrage all those times. And some other times, too, but we made a good deal of progress, even if he didn’t go down.

It’s kind of clear to me that you burn him down to 75% (hopefully avoiding a tantrum), then blow all your cooldowns and burn the heart – without killing it – so that when he comes out of his heart mode, he’s down around 55%. Wail on him for another 5%, push DPS through another heart phase, bringing him down as close to 25% as possible. Without heroism again, we got him to around 35%. Then it’s just staying alive, getting through another heart phase at 25% and praying enough people are alive to get him down beyond 15% or so and then go to down executing, hammer of wrathing, kill shotting and all that other fun stuff.

MAJOR issues with people not moving the hell out of the raid. If it were MY raid, as in, if I were the raid leader? I’d have actually yelled. Something along the lines of:

“GUYS. For fuck’s sake, why the FUCK do you think a skull or X is on your head? It’s NOT for your health. You are KILLING YOUR GROUPS and wiping the raid. I don’t want to see anymore ‘i have to finish my cast’ bullshit, either. MOVE IT. If you’re on the left side and you get gravity, go left. If you get light bomb, move right. If you’re on the right side and you get gravity, go right. If you get light bomb, move left. IT IS NOT FUCKING ROCKET SCIENCE, PEOPLE. Now quit fucking around and let’s get this guy DOWN. We can do it. We have the tanks, the healers and the DPS, if only people would stop killing their own raid members.”

Okay. Maybe I wouldn’t be that harsh. It’s shades of Solarian, though. We once had a terribad rogue who, despite all of us yelling at him, ran out of the raid on Solarian, then stopped. Then hit sprint and CAME BACK TO THE GROUP. I think a warlock also blew us all to smithereens. And I see the same dumb shit here. Pallies not bubbling. Mages not iceblocking. People not moving. The same damn resto shammy killed me FOUR TIMES with light bomb because he was “finishing his cast” and THEN ran.

We have the fight, I know we do, but it was a long and somewhat frustrating night.

Anonymous WWS, no boss splits, sadly:


I’m “Cancer”. And yes, you do indeed see me 3rd on healing and casting virtually nothing but Holy Light. As such, every heart phase, I’d run up a few yards, smack Judgement of Wisdom on that sucker and melee with Seal of Wisdom on. 404,822 damage from my non-crit white hits with a 1H caster mace, haha. 324,144 mana back from Seal of Wisdom hits and 32,256 back from Judgement of Wisdom.

Not too shabby! Makes up for the lack of Spiritual Attunement.

Seriously, though, the tanks can be 2-shot by this bastard. That’s why there’s so much freaking overheal and why I’m chain-casting Holy Light. It’s certainly not by choice. I even have to be careful when I judge, lest I need that global to heal the tank. I’m looking forward to downing him on Saturday and moving on to fights we really actually tried on the PTR.

We had a LOT of experience with Hodir, some with the Iron Council and then some with Kologarn. And Iron Council and Kologarn (at the least) are available after Deconstructor. I think we’ll come back to beat on Ignis later on. Can I just say that I LOVE that his trash looks like Molten Giants or Molten Destroyers?! I think it’s sad that I sort of miss Molten Core enough to get excited by trash that looks like trash from there.

Anyways, rambling. Done now.