Random thoughts…

There are far too many kinds of raiders.

1) Those who don’t want to do any work and get dragged through content for phat lewtz.

2) Those who don’t even care about loot and only want to get through content for the sake of having gone through it.

3) Those who like farm nights because it means they can be gracious and give their spot up to someone while they sit on standby.

4) Those who hate farm nights because they get bored easily and it’s hard to maintain concentration and yet they have to go because the guild is low on their spec/class/etc.

5) Those who like progression nights because it means working on something NEW!

6) Those who like progression nights because it means the possibility of NEW LOOT!

7) Those who hate progression nights because they’re cheap morons who can’t figure out how to make gold in this game.

8) Those who hate progression nights because they think they’ll put in all this effort and then won’t be on for the kill which will, of course, not be tonight.

All of this is rattling around inside my head.

Is it a GOOD thing that I’m rarely on standby? Sure, because I like content, I’m getting emblems of conquest, chances on loot, DKP…

But it’s also a bad thing, because raid time is split between the other pallies, it’s a bad thing because I’d LIKE to get a night off, now and again…

Tonight, well, last night was Tuesday and we had like, 34 people online. Wednesday, we won’t have that many. Thursday, we’ll have less. It confuses me. Then again, I never did understand loot whores or people who didn’t *want* to progress.


5 Replies to “Random thoughts…”

  1. What type of raider am I?! =D I’m going with disgruntled member who is dissatisfied with management. ;D

  2. Hahaha. I’d say you’re a mix of 2 and 5, much like myself.

    … though that’s not to say I’m entirely gruntled. ;)

  3. Is it bad my post about hard mode content got laughed at by the raid leader? =P

  4. I get swamped every time I sign on from my regular address, so I’m on from an address that’s my spec and my class’ nickname and our year of birth. Accept the invite!

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