A-posting we will go…

Haven’t written much here about raiding of late. Or much of anything barring the 3.2 holy paladin changes that will KILL ME. But this isn’t a post about 3.2. It’s a post about recent achievements, recent happenings and the fact that I miss being remotely knowledgeable about hunters.

The big thing… Yogg died on June 18th.


Of course, it was messy as hell, and we didn’t quite kill him again this past reset.

How messy? Well, remember how I was messing with specs? Remember how I was, as absurd as it may sound, holy for my main spec AND holy for my dual spec? Turns out that my dual spec toolbars, which EXTRAORDINARILY similar to my main spec bars, do NOT have Hand of Sacrifice on them. Anywhere. At all. So when our raid leader was telling us to start putting cooldowns on the tanks, I realized this and opened my spellbook, WHILE STILL HEALING, mind you, and tried to remember where in the hell HoSac was.


Click on it for the large version.

So that was amusing.

I’d also gone prot for fun and knocked out some achievements with our old ele shammy and her hunter husband and my priest buddy (all of whom are now on my new server, in my new guild) and our recruitment officer on her hunter. The bonus of doing instance as prot is that it’s less boring, more challenging… but I still dislike tanking on the whole. However, there’s NO WAY I would have gotten at least one of the following achievements as a holy paladin:


Nope, not that one…


Not either of those…


Yep. That one. No way could I get that as a holy pally. And I’ve tried.

Anyways, two days after killing Yogg, I went on vacation with my family wherein I didn’t raid. I wanted to. My Internet connection wasn’t even horrible (though it WAS Comcast. DIE Comcast, DIE!) but my family was intolerable and constantly breathing down my neck. So I didn’t raid.

Apparently, things were bad while I was gone and I got quite the warm welcome home. Of course, we wiped on Yogg for FOUR HOURS on Monday the 29th. Got him to like, 4% and hit enrage.

Combat log screenshot from the enrage:


Ow. My face. That hurt me so bad that my great-great-grandkids are gonna feel it for years.

Anyways, tonight we finally managed 4m Ignis, by the skin of our noses. Best part of the fight:

Raid Leader: We need Pain Suppression on [Add Tank] after the 5th add comes out and CDs on both the tanks after that wears off but before the 6th add comes out.

Me: Righto.

Me, to the healers: Orders from above: PS on [Add Tank] after the 5th add comes out. Once that wears off, [Other Pally Healer], you hit Hand of Sacrifice on [Add Tank] and I’ll do the same on [Main Tank].

Fight begins. 5th add comes out. Pain Suppression goes up. Pain Suppression wears off. I HoSac my tank. [Other Pally Healer] does not.

Raid Leader: Okay, second round of cooldowns coming up…. now.

Me, to myself: WHAT second round of cooldowns?! Are you kidding me?!

See, we don’t have another PS. We have 1 GS. We don’t have another HoSac. The raid is comprised of 1 disc priest (app), 1 holy priest (usually disc, but we didn’t have another holy priest in the raid), 2 holy paladins and 2 resto shammies. PRAY TELL, Mr. Raid Leader, where the fuck do you want me to find a second round of cooldowns? Even my Lay on Hands was on cooldown.

My priest buddy, who was playing holy for half the night, had the foresight to pop Guardian Spirit on [Add Tank] and we just barely got the achievement:


So that’s what’s new with the pally.

On the hunter, it’s that world event time again! Since my pally gets the phat lewtz and the awesome raid-related achievements and titles, and since world events SUCK ASS to do, I decided after Wrath came out that my hunter would be the one to go for the Violet Proto-Drake. Actually, it’s not so much the mount that I really care about, but rather the knowledge that, by hook or by crook, I have FINISHED What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been. The only stuff I don’t have is Brewfest stuff, since it came out before achievements were really solidified and stuff.

Anyways, so Kurn’s been busy…




So I’m now… let’s see if I can name them all:

Flame Warden Kurnmogh
Patron Kurnmogh
Kurnmogh the Noble
Kurnmogh the Love Fool
Elder Kurnmogh
Merrymaker Kurnmogh
Kurnmogh the Hallowed
Kurnmogh the Argent Champion
Kurnmogh the Explorer
Kurnmogh Jenkins
Knight-Captain Kurnmogh

I think that’s about it…

But wait, there’s more Kurn stuff! I finally got myself my first Emblems of Conquest and Valor on the hunter.





Some of the numbers I can get going are just hilarious. At least to me. With the following buffs:


I can get the following stats (and yes, I know, that’s a huge proc):


Nearly 7k AP? Almost 39% to crit? 1347 agility? This is hilarious. My poor hunter has never, ever been this leet, not even for a little while.

Anyways, so that I wouldn’t get laughed out of pug raids, I upgraded some of my gear just from the AH…


And then tonight, did:


Two things about that fight:

1) It’s SO much easier when you’re DPS than when you’re a healer. Having said that, my cat died twice and it’s been so long since I’ve done Sarth, I forgot where to stand for the fires, but I lived.

2) It’s SO much FASTER when you don’t have drakes up! Holy crap! It’s been so long since I’ve done Sarth WITHOUT 2-3 drakes that I’d completely forgotten what a quick fight it is.

So… about hunter stuff. I think I’m back to being a nub huntard. I know Survival is the DPS raid spec now, but I thought Marks was at least somewhat close. Guess what? It isn’t. Marks was THE vanilla raid spec, BM was THE BC raid spec and now Survival is THE WotLK raid spec. Next expansion, back to Marks? ;)

What I’ve really discovered I am terrible at is clicking on the actual gamefield itself. I need like, an enemy Grid. Click that little box, go to town with my rotation (or, sorry, SHOT PRIORITY, as the cool kids are calling it these days) and move on to the next. Alas, I must click on mobs. It’s very weird, since about 16 hours a week, I almost never click on a mob.

Anyways, that’s all the news that’s fit to print for now. More exciting tales for you folks later.