Soon, I shall have a post with two video guides in it.

1) Strat Live, minus Cannonmaster Willy

2) How to get the Key to the City from Strat UD without having it to begin with (ie: from Strat Live)

Freaking video files are huge. WTB larger hard drive, PST.

Hell, a non-fail computer would be nice. ;)

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  1. What are you using to “film” them? I’m using WeGame (because FRAPS videos are fuckin’ HUGE) and it’s not terrible. Taksi and CamStudio are both a lot better about compression, but they don’t work nearly as well in my experience.

  2. X – Fraps, actually. What’s WeGame like?

    Kaboomski – thanks! I’m pretty pleased with it, myself. :)

  3. It’s a third-party client (rather than app like Fraps, think Steam sort of), free, that lets you make an account, record videos (for specific games only, I think, but WoW is supported so that’s kind of a moot point here), and upload them directly to your profile. It records to your computer, and while I’ve only tested the functionality (may do a Strath run or something to see just how well it works) it seems to be an ideal solution. So far. Knock on wood.

    Will update when I get more info.

  4. 10 minute video, using the “web video” compression setting, sitting at 1.19 gigs. Gonna’ toss it in WMM and see what’s up after I speed it up and whatnot.

  5. After adding double “speed up/double time” effects (4x normal speed) it’s down to 86 megs, with audio. Looks pretty good, 640×480. No audio. Could definitely use it, methinks.

  6. When I Fraps a vid the thing takes up like 30gig by default. Running it through Windows MovieMaker which came standard on mine reduces it to just over 1gig.

  7. Psynister – Ah, if only I had 30gig in the first place! ;) I use fraps, but end up cutting some stuff out just so it isn’t a file so big it threatens to eat my whole partition. :)

  8. X – not working, get a no handler for image type error and the “support” there is laughably poor. Thanks anyways. :)

  9. Super lame. :( If I can find a workaround for that error, I’ll let you know.

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