Redesign Done

Okay, so the redesign is more or less done! I currently have no links to other blogs posted, but that’s more a function of the fact that my links section was woefully outdated, so I’ll take some time and fix that up and get them up soon.

The polls should work, but the poll archive link will not go away no matter what I try to do. Which wouldn’t be so much of a problem if there was actually an archive to link to.

As to the small google ad over there, I’m already blocking uncool sites, but over the next week or so, please do copy the URL (don’t click on the ad! Right-click, copy link address!) and use this form to help me block more evil advertisers. That is available up at the “Bad Ads” link in the top right and the link directly below the ad itself. You shouldn’t see too many questionable ads of other sorts, though, since I was able to filter them at a category level. Sadly, gold-selling ads, etc, fall under “video games”, and it doesn’t make sense to block that category on a site that is, you know, dedicated to a video game. ;)

Anyways, if you see anything else that’s broken or looks icky, please do let me know!

ETA: Some display issues in Chrome that I may or may not work on at some point. Also, the ads are now starting to show spiritual healing ads. Ahahahaha.

ETA Again: Fixed the Chrome issue. It was displaying the page’s title as text on the page, offsetting the entire header. I moved the wowhead script below the title tag in the code, et voila.

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  1. I’m diggin’ the new look. I was sad to see a gold selling ad right off the bat, though. When I went to report it, I clicked send but there was no loading or confirmation. Should I just assume it didn’t go through?

  2. It does take about 30 minutes between me blocking them and them getting blocked or something like that, though, so bear in mind that if you see the same ad, you don’t need to report it to me again unless it’s been more than a day or so. :)

  3. I’ll do my best to remember which ones I report. A lot of them look pretty similar.

  4. Too Long For Twitter (further shortened to TLFT):

    We’re discussing DK tank leveling in guild. The leveler says “its easy, heartstrike x10000.” The guild’s ICC tank says “you need to d&d the diseases, and besides, frost is the best dps.” I say “We’re talking about blood tanking. The proper “rotation” is IT -> PS -> DS -> DS -> HS x6. And with a blood tank, you want one good slow two-hander, like Hatebringer or Crow Wing Reaper.” The ICC tank then links his BOA caster staff.

    I WANT OUT, KURN. Start Apotheosis 2.0 NOW.

  5. X – true enough, there are several ads for the same sites out there, but I’m blocking them as I see ’em. :)

    Apoth 2.0 can’t come soon enough for me, either. At least in my own guild I won’t have a failadin to deal with…

    Cassandri – thanks! I admit I chose the theme in part because I liked the post-its, too. :)

  6. Apoth 2.0??u
    And it seems that my original comment of just Apoth 2.0?? was too short, so I had to include some additional commentary. I must admit that my initial reaction now is to completely overwhelm the comment section with a random string of musings and nonsense – but alas I have to get some paperwork done.

  7. Ad – ahahahah, spam filter works just fine, I guess. ;) Xmolder had issues the other day, too. :)

    Apoth 2.0 refers to the potential rebirth of my own raiding guild, Apotheosis, back on Eldre’Thalas. We formed on June 1, 2007 and ceased operations on March 1st, 2009. While I have every intention of sticking with my current guild until 4.0ish, despite the fact that I’m not a huge fan of the environment, I do plan to move back to ET and reform my old guild with my old crew for Cataclysm. I have no desire to remain part of my current guild through the next expansion.

    I’m also keeping an eye out for people I’d like to raid with, so it’s not just going to be my old crew — it’ll hopefully include some of the people I’ve met in the last 14 months, too, like Kaleri and Fadorable and Carmentes (three healers from the guild I was in on Bronzebeard, two of whom comment here on occasion). I keep telling my RL friend the resto druid to come to ET with me for Cataclysm but she’s stubbornly loyal to our current guild. ;)

    So what with the recent Failadin issues, I’ve been daydreaming a bit about reforming the old guild. No danger of me doing it before the end of current content or Ruby Sanctum, though, but probably coinciding with when 4.0 hits. :)

    This is where I really started thinking about it:

  8. And for that matter, next time you talk to Carm, tell her to call me back! Unless she hates me, then just relay the message so I can stop trying to talk to her. :(

  9. X – No being a failadin, man. :P As to Carm, I don’t talk to her an awful lot, but I’ll try to remember next time I do. :)

  10. If it helps, I’ll be happy to be a fail!protadin, so the guild’s healing is still magnificent?

  11. Ah yes – I think our group will reform for Cata after we get our H LK kill. We’re going to try a PvP server I think.

  12. X – haha, if you’re a protadin, I think we may have 3 of them in the guild, haha.

    Ad – You, sir, are braver than I. PVP server for levelling in an expansion? No thank you! ;) I’ve been camped by rogues enough during my first and only time on a PVP server. I was a level 24 or something mage, in the Charred Vale in Stonetalon, with my brother, a warrior around level 28. All of a sudden, I was sapped.

    Then my brother was.

    Then I was.

    Looking at the combat log, I was able to see who was sapping us. Looked him up on the armory. Level 70 (this was in BC) rogue in full S2 arena gear.

    He killed us several times that night and I have rarely been so terrified of hearing the stealthing noise as I was that night. ;)

  13. If I was doing a complete re-roll I probably wouldn’t choose a PvP server for that reason. As it stands now though, we’ll all be lvl 80, and I’m in a ton of wrathful PvP gear – and 264ICC gear. I giggle when I get jumped in WG now, just because killing someone while Holy is always a blast.

    Plus since our guild is 10 or so people, we’ll probably level the same way we did in BC and Wrath – dungeons.

  14. Ad – Hee, I do love killing someone as holy. It’s like, “how did you let a healer kill you?”

    Dungeons are probably going to be the way to go, but I’ll probably quest/dungeon on Kurn so I can actually learn the new quests/zones/layout and dungeondungeondungeon my way through on Madrana while queuing as both holy and prot.

  15. Oh, I don’t /have/ to be a protadin. I could go ret. Or holy. I’m not really picky, I just have more experience as prot.

    But really, I suspect I’ll be relegated to the second-from-the-top DPS slot, as usual. ;)

  16. X – You sold on a pally? Not that I don’t like them, I’m just mulling things over in my head. My brother wants to tank or DPS or, ideally, both. I think we may have a prot pally lined up from the old days. God only knows if I’ll still be a pally… Anyways. Long time to go, yet. :)

  17. I already told you I’m bringing my druid, lock, and pally. I can either level another warrior or bring Avvan over, and I’m still trying to slog through a rogue.

    Fact is, I want to raid. I want to progress, not wipe on Marrowgar or Gunship in PUGs. My sword, axe, fireballs, and Life Blooms? They’re all yours, you just have to ask. ;)

  18. X – clearly, I have trouble keeping people’s classes all organized in my head. Probably a warlock would be best, if I’m thinking about it. We’ll probably have 1-3 warlocks, not sure who all’s gonna raid and if they’re gonna raid with us in the expansion. Then again, it feels like we’ve always been searching for a decent resto druid. One of our restos from BC will be a kitty, probably, and the other may or may not raid. Hmmmmmm.

  19. How about this: Consider me available for any class, and we can figure out what we need the most as we get closer? :P

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