Wow. Just… wow.

I’m exhausted. I spent over two hours writing up all the fail I witnessed from the holy pally app during last night’s ICC 25 raid, which I then sent to the healing lead and the raid leader.

He was in for five fights, all heroic: Marrowgar, Deathwhisper, Gunship (I was swapped out for that), Saurfang and Blood Prince Council.

Some choice bits of information I’ll share with you:

1) He never used Sacred Shield. At all. Oh, wait. He spammed it… on Lady Deathwhisper. Like, not on that encounter. On the mob. Which means that he was mind-controlled when “he” used it. NO other use of it at all.

2) He cast Holy Light 158 times total on four logged bosses. In comparison, on those same bosses, I cast it 619 times. He cast Flash of Light 625 times to my 125. He is gemmed straight-up int, specced the way a HL pally would be, glyphed the way a HL pally would be.

3) He consistently ignored healing chat/assignments, would screw up his beacon and judgements.

4) Speaking of judgements, he judged 12 times on those four bosses. Bearing in mind we wiped twice on Saurfang before getting him, that’s 12 judgements in 6 boss encounters…

5) Did I mention that he missed beaconing me on Saurfang? He beaconed my direct-heal target instead and healed the tanks instead of Mark 4 like he was supposed to. Props to my RL friend the resto druid and some quick-thinking priests for keeping my ass up, given that I was Mark 2.

6) Speaking of beacon, he ignored 4 requests to beacon the DK tank on Blood Prince Council, instead deciding to beacon the warrior tank.

7) Speaking of Council, guess who was almost always in range of me during Empowered Shock Vortex AND who got 6-8 Shadow Prison stacks on five occasions during the fight? That’s right, the pally app.

8) Speaking of crowding people, he also crowded two healers and a moonkin on Saurfang and ate extra boiling blood because of it. Thank you, dipshit, for increasing Saurfang’s blood power.

9) Speaking of Saurfang again, he let a tank die through not healing him when he was supposed to be, then let HIMSELF die with the fourth Mark by … not healing himself like he was supposed to be!

10) He wanted to be in for Gunship so he could get Althor’s Abacus, which is a trinket that has 0 int, 0 haste, 0 mp5 and 0 crit. Way to be.

11) He wouldn’t STFU about loot. He actually asked, in raid chat, after a regular Conqueror’s token had been awarded to a priest, if he could have it instead. And when I got the Rot-Resistant Breastplate and Holiday’s Grace, asked me what my gearscore was now. OMG, stfu, you stupid dumbshit app who is giving ALL PALADINS a bad name.

I’ve recommended his app be closed ASAP. I would rather be the only holy paladin than have to deal with this fucktard. If it were just one thing or the other, I could attribute it to nerves or anxiety. But some core issues with how he plays the class, some basic awareness issues and an unhealthy fixation on loot makes him NOT what we’re looking for.

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  1. First, I think he wanted the abacus so he could pretend to be a shaman. Which is dumb as shit, even I know that.

    And second, I can transfer and gear my pally in like, a week, if you really need one. :

  2. X – We have another in queue, just waiting on them to be ready to transfer for a trial. They have current guild stuff to deal with though, which is okay. We have our other pally occasionally available.

    Also, accept my request to follow you on twitter. :P

  3. Wow indeed. Even I would like to think I could do better than that. Oh, right. I actually *do* perform better than that, even be it normal mode and being undergeared and badly gemmed as hell. And spamming FoL since I’m actually trying to gear/gem/enchant/glyph for it.

    These kinds of screw ups would definitely classify as begging for a kick from the raid and the guild if you ask me.

  4. Kaboomski – We don’t invite someone to the guild until they’ve trialled with us for two weeks at a minimum. We may give him a shot tonight but it’s really not looking good for him.

  5. Codi – Your sympathy is welcomed. :) It’s not up to me, sadly, so we might have to give him another night, which is why I spent two hours detailing all this guy’s flaws to my friend the healing lead and the raid leader. Hoping they get the chance to read it pre-raid…

  6. Are either of your tanks Paladins? I know I generally won’t use my SS on a Pally tank (they have their own), but will instead toss it on someone squishy. Even if the pallatank’s SS is slightly less than mine for absorption, all I’m really using it for is the occasional time I’d hit them with a FoL to get a HoT rolling. It’s a waste of a resource (IMO) if a pallatank doesn’t use their SS, expecting a healer to use it instead.

  7. Adgamorix – Nope. No pally tanks in the guild who play regularly enough to raid. We have 2 warriors who are MT/OT, then have a bear as another OT and, if we’re really hard-pressed, we have a DK who can do some form of tanking. So that’s definitely not the issue, hahaha. :)

  8. Zelmaru – I don’t know, it depends on the raid leader. I know the healing lead was thinking about closing his app last night after the raid, even before I wrote up my epic “this guy fails” post to her and the raid leader.

    Unfortunately, it would mean I’m going to have to be the only holy paladin on Dreamwalker, Sindragosa and heroic LK attempts. And everything just goes SO much more easily with a second holy pally. Granted, said second holy pally has to understand whatever they’re doing and not die, so… haha.

  9. So, in relation to guild apps … (No, I’m not about to go off again) :D

    OK, I have never been in the position for having to apply or trial for a guild, or even for a raid spot within a guild. I am exceptionally lucky in that.

    However, surely the key thing in making *any* raid go well is to follow instructions. 1, 2, 4, 8, 10 – These points can maybe be fixed by making suggestions to helping him to play his class (I’m giving the extreme benefit of the doubt here that such advice would be heeded and that he should know them anyway!). However 3, 5, 6, and 9 (Note I am restricting myself to fights on which I have at least some normal exp ;) ) are just unforgivable in a raiding environment!

    I don’t always agree with the things a raid lead tells me to do, but unless it is blatantly and obviously 100% wrong, I’ll do it anyway. I may query it, I will certainly talk to them about it later (We aren’t big enough to have a heal lead), but I am *not* the one in charge. Sticking to healing assignments and making sure that you heal/beacon the people you should be is raiding healing 101. When you are applying to a guild surely you should be doing your best to not act like a moron and fit in, and do what you are told with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of results.

    And as to the GS comments … I think I would be safe in suggesting that anyone applying to a guild like yours, Kurn should know the limitations of GS. They may not like it, but seriously, if they are that interested, get the mod and never have to ask!

  10. PURGE IT WITH HOLY FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRE. (Seeing you tweet about this last night made me want to nudge Rilgon to perfect choke-a-fail over IP.) I just don’t understand how someone can be so abjectly terrible at 1)being a holydin and 2)healing in general. =(

  11. Saunder – I think this is a key difference between my current guild and my old guild, Apotheosis. I was willing to teach people. In this current guild, people are expected to know how to play. Tweaks here and there are to be expected, particularly when it’s how to play with this specific group, but by and large, if you don’t know how to play your class, we don’t want you.

    Part of me is saddened by that, but on the other hand, I’m sure I’d be the sucker who’d have to teach holy paladins how to do stuff. :P

    As to ignoring the instructions, I don’t even know if it’s just inattention (likely?) or willful ignorance.

    When it comes to GS, he has the mod, he was just swapped out when I picked that stuff up. >< I was like "GS is the worst metric to hit the game. If people ask me for my GS, I link them my heroic Frostwing Halls achievement." Ndiayne - ahahaha, see, Twitter is good for me, because I get to ramble during a raid without making individual blog posts, etc. Nudge Rilgon. Tell him to perfect it and perfect it YESTERDAY, please. ;) I don't understand how anyone can be in ICC with some heroic 25-man achievements, no less, and still not do some of the BASICS of healadining like JUDGING and using SACRED SHIELD. Gah.

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