Ulduar: 2 Achievements

We walked into Ulduar and promptly got two achievements. And a legendary drop.




I didn’t get the fragment, and I’m okay with that. It went to the priest class officer. That’s cool. I’m new to the guild, he isn’t. I do wish the distribution had been more openly discussed, but c’est la vie.

So we one-shotted Flame Leviathan and MISTAKENLY got the Heroic: Shutout achievement. That was fun.

We then got stuck in combat. For quite some time. And then began the wipes on Razorscale. We honestly think Razorscale is bugged because we got 3-4 mole machines of 3 adds, I think it was, something like 3 times before we could bring Razorscale down from the sky. I think our best attempt was about 70% and then half the raid was dead and she enraged, killing the rest of the raid.

Patch related issues:

– Grid’s aggro indicator was not working in the sense that I had to disable Grid on Flame Leviathan until I had a few minutes to re-enable Grid and then disable the aggro indicator.

– I want my new glyphs, dammit!

– XPerl needs an update to be posted to the curse site (I got it at wowace) so that people can right-click on others again to trade and stuff or to right-click on themselves to leave a group.

– I made just over 1000 gold by selling flasks and Shifting Twilight Opals. Paid for my dual spec quite nicely.

– I did Northrend Alchemy Research today. Nothing except two mixtures of Endless Rage. (4 Flasks of Endless Rage.) So don’t waste your herbs.

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  1. I’m happy to see healers getting a legendary item, finally. Aside from the Drood’s tree-dance, but that has less raid-use than one would expect. Odd.

    I can’t believe I’m missing 3.1’s release and the Argent Tournament! That bugs the shit out of me. I was all excited about finally being able to champion the Darkspear Tribe and, more importantly, the Exodar. Bah. Hopefully the account will be up soon, but if not… Oh well. :|

    Anywho, grats on the progression and new achievements. :)

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