Ulduar, Reset 2, Night 5 and Reset 3, Night 1.

Well, I can definitely say we’re improving.

Got Hodir down and got an achievement:


We basically ran into Hodir’s room on Monday and one-shot him. There was some excellent hand of sacrificing by the pallies, a pain suppression by a disc priest app, judicious use of Guardian Spirit… It worked well. :)

Then we were miserable on Razorscale for a while, but got him down and then went to play with Thorim.

It seems to me that Thorim is a fight best attempted with the raid leader being very familiar with his or her raid members, their capabilities (both in terms of class and personal strengths) and weaknesses. Our regular RL wasn’t leading on Monday for some reason, so we had some regular member lead us through Thorim attempts.

I asked about healing assignments.

Dude didn’t even know who in the raid was a healer.


Still, we got Hodir and Auriaya down that reset, both of which were new, plus all the other bosses we’d previously killed (FL, Razorscale, XT, Council, Kologarn), and got some experience on Thorim.

Tuesday, we walked in and did FL, XT, Council, Kologarn, Auriaya and Hodir. In just over four hours. So we’re learning! YAY!

Auriaya continues to be a fight that bores the crap out of me, but if I don’t pay attention, I die. Still, she dropped Greaves of the Rockmender for me! I was the only holy pally in the raid at the time. (Another pally got the same helm I got last reset off the Council, so they’re getting geared. It’s good.) I lost a whopping 55 haste by swapping out Poignant Sabatons, but I gain more crit and intellect and only lose something like 6 +healing. Still, I like my haste. What the hell is this MP5 BS? At least the boots have a yellow socket, so I could drop a 16 int gem in there without worries. Hooray for the 2mp5 from the socket bonus and the 22mp5 on the boots. I’ve just added about 30% of my total mp5 from that acquisition.

They are, however, ugly as sin.


They don’t match my outfit at ALL. The old boots did! But ugh, these are as ugly as my stupid Ancient Iron Heaume. :( Guys… I actually miss Lightforge. And Crystalforge. This T8 nastiness better give way to an awesome T9.

In other news, I find myself filing away little bits and pieces of information to use in the future, should I ever lead a raiding guild again. I know, shoot me now, right?

I wish I’d known about Big Brother back in Apotheosis. It lets you know, at a glance, who is flasked (or elixired) and food buffed and who isn’t.

(Names blurred to protect the guilty.)


That’s also just a small portion of the raid, but you can see that 1 DK has a Flask of Stoneblood on while the others have Flasks of Endless Rage and all but one have a food buff. A druid has no food or flask. Another druid has no food. A hunter has no food.

It kind of astounds me because someone ALWAYS drops a Fish Feast. Always. So I don’t get why people aren’t food buffed.

I use Imperial Manta Steak instead of the feast, though. 40 haste is going to do a lot more for my throughput than 46 extra spellpower.

Anyways, the mod would have come in SUPER handy in Apotheosis. Except that this one officer, who rarely ever flasked, would have been gkicked halfway through BT for not flasking on progression fights. His argument was always “but I’m not running out of mana” or “my heals hit hard enough” or “I’m topping healing meters already”. Thing is, if he buffed himself even more, he might have been able to make up for similarly-geared and buffed, though less skilled players.

And he never really understood that.

Note to self: if you ever run a guild again, ensure that all members will use consumables. Period.

And, in still more news, my hunter is getting the thrill of doing Noblegarden. When I realized I’d be raiding on the paladin in Wrath, I decided to do the world events solely on Kurn. Kurn gets to be Kurnmogh the Noble, Eldre Kurnmogh, etc, while Madrana is Twilight Vanquisher and Champion of the Frozen Wastes.

Noblegarden sucks. A lot. I’ve spent about six hours running around Dolanaar and Goldshire, looking for freakin’ eggs. Should be able to accomplish it, but damn, I am not enjoying it. >< Children’s Week will probably be similarly sucky, due to PVP components. Mommy. I am scared.

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  1. So much to comment on again. If I applied all of this to my NaNo attempts, I think I might actually finish my novel sometime before June.

    First and foremost, EWWW. Those boots are terrible. The one good thing about trolls (other than the occasional racial haste buff) is that you don’t see terrible footwear. But that hardly makes up for all of the lame-as-hell aspects, like being a troll.

    More and more people from chat are apparently playing WoW. I think there might be enough to start a 5-man group from it. In no time at all, I’ll be able to run Maraudon. I get the feeling that I may have to tank it, which I don’t look forward to but it’ll be a learning experience to say the least.

    Who doesn’t flask in progression? Seriously. They last through death, so it’s not like you’re risking a huge investment if you aren’t regularly downing people. Idiotic, to say the least.

    Um. I had more but I lost it. I’m trying to think of where I can download ~880 megs without resorting to, y’know, paying a local hot spot.

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