Updates and Ramblings, as per usual…

So, first of all the Armory is sucking. It hasn’t updated my pally since July 1st.

As such, I have pictures to share.


This is probably the only title/world event achievement Madrana will get, just because she was so close to getting it after last year. I’d gone through and honored/desecrated all the flames on … probably all three of my characters (hunter, paladin, mage) last year, and killed Ahune at least once on each. Hell, I tanked Ahune on Madrana, which was hilarious.

I honored/desecrated just about all the flames on three characters this year, too, only I didn’t do anything with the mage and did all the flames with my shammy. Got a full bar of experience, too!


Some people from my old guild, Apotheosis, have come by Bronzebeard and are transferring toons or rolling alts. Alts need run-throughs, of course. And so Madrana got her BFD achievement.


While killing things for a friend who was questing in Ashenvale, I took the opportunity to finish out my Unarmed skill, which also got me Master of Arms. Shweet.

Not so shweet: getting tricked into going to an Ulduar 10. Someone in my guild, who has been pestering me to go for WEEKS if not MONTHS at this point, asked me to go “for fun”. So, considering it was pouring rain outside, I went. Turns out it wasn’t “for fun”. It was “for hard modes”. If I weren’t a decent human being, I would have left the group RIGHT THEN AND THERE. But then they couldn’t have done the instance. So I stuck around, at least until my RL plans were going to settle themselves, and got a few achievements.

Flame Leviathan with 4 towers up:


XT-002 after breaking his heart:


Just a note — getting something like four bombs IN A ROW is FTMFL. I got Light Bomb, then Gravity Bomb, then Light Bomb AGAIN, then Gravity Bomb AGAIN. Of course, if I hadn’t spent 30 seconds running around like a moron, I would have been completely out of mana, so I guess it wasn’t too tragic. And we got the kill anyways.

Another friend transferred his druid over and got it in his head that he wanted to get the Guardian of Cenarius title, by getting exalted with the Cenarian Circle and Cenarian Expedition. He ground rep for three days to get exalted with CC and has been steadily working at CE. Of course, after a certain point, one of the best ways to get CE rep is…


Which Madrana’s done at least a dozen times, but definitely not since 3.0 dropped.

The druid in question is levelling resto (no joke!) and knows that the Idol of the Emerald Queen is basically the best resto idol until Wrath. So we did a quick Shadow Labyrinth boss kill (it dropped) and then cleared a bit of trash so that I could get rep and…


So that was kind of sweet.

In other news, Yogg down for the third time and still no trinket from Mimiron. I’m beginning to think that Pandora’s Plea doesn’t even exist…