… /facepalm

I have family in town, so I missed our Tuesday raid for family time at the parents’ house and then down at the Jazz Festival. WoW popped into my head twice. The first time when I realized my mother expected me and the cousins to stay for dinner instead of eating downtown (and I thought “I can’t believe I could be raiding instead of this…”) and the second time was at the Jazz Fest and I thought “It’s a gorgeous night, I’m kind of glad I’m not raiding right now.”

Guarantee you that the raid was very unhappy with me for not being there because the tanks kept getting killed. On Razorscale, we lost a tank. On Kologarn, we lost tanks. It’s like… what the hell is wrong with the healers? I go away for a few hours and come back to see things like this:

[18:39:06.734] Unknown Shockwave ProtPallyTank 9023 (A: 1808)
[18:39:07.125] TrialDiscPriest Prayer of Mending ProtPallyTank +3615
[18:39:08.640] Kologarn hits ProtPallyTank 19916 (A: 1808, B: 1797)
[18:39:10.671] ProtPallyTank Improved Leader of the Pack ProtPallyTank +1879
[18:39:11.078] Kologarn hits ProtPallyTank 20874 (O: 94, B: 1797)
[18:39:11.484] ProtPallyTank dies

So… in a span of about 5 seconds, the prot pally takes 50k damage and gets one heal from the trial disc priest’s POM and one heal from improved leader of the pack.

No Lifebloom from the resto druid in the raid. No Holy Shock from either of the two holy paladins in the raid. No Earthshield from the one resto shammy in the raid. No Penance from the one disc priest in the raid. No shields, no heals, no nothing.

Worse, the holy paladins didn’t judge. At all. Neither of them had Judgements of the Pure in their buffs gained. I’m sorry, ARE YOU ALLERGIC TO HASTE?! What the hell!?

Filled with rage and I’m not even halfway through the logs from last night.