Weekend Plans

I didn’t raid on Thursday and I probably won’t raid on Sunday. I’m feeling pretty burnt out, as if most of you haven’t been able to tell. ;) So there are a few goals I have for this weekend, since it’s raining and I’m not going to go up north to my parents’ cottage.

1) Try to ding the priest 80. She’s three bars into 78 at the moment and just a wee bit rested. I have completed precisely 262 quests with her. Can you tell I have basically spent all my time on her from 15+ in instances? Also, some battlegrounds. And it’s AB weekend, so maybe I’ll go camp LM and enjoy hurling some Horde off the side.

2) Make money. I have always loved to make virtual money. And yet, in WoW, I am not so good at keeping it. I think I’ve broken 20k gold once, but spent a lot of money on my druid alt, my brother’s hunter and our friend’s DK, so that dwindled. On Friday, I was at 10k gold in my bank alt’s guild bank, with no more than 200g on each of my other toons. I plan to end the weekend with about 15k gold in the bank. How?

– Flasks: Madrana’s an elixir specced alchemist and flasks are one of the things that EVERYONE buys. Problem: Frost Lotuses. Solutions: farm with the shammy; run instances on the druid tank for badges to turn in for frozen orbs; buy the damn things.

– Smelting Ore: Mithril Ore was really cheap this week whereas Mithril Bars were super expensive. I made about 800g from smelting ore into bars, but I risked flooding the market. Still, weekends are when people tend to power-level professions and stuff if the mats are available, n’est-ce pas?

– Fish Feasts/Buff Food: One of my pre-Cataclysm goals is for Kurn to get a freaking turtle mount. Ever since I got my buddy Euphie to go fishing for me pre-raid, several months ago, and he got the turtle mount, I have been consumed with jealousy. ;) So Kurn’s been doing a lot of fishing lately (and will probably take in the fishing contest today, too) and, as such, has a ton of many different fish. Must go get more Nettlefish for Fish Feasts and check out what other fish are selling well.

– Gems: Madrana’s also a JC, so if I can find a bunch of raw gems for cheap, I should be able to turn those over pretty quickly.

– Runescrolls of Fortitude: The druid’s got Inscription and these consistently sell well. I just haven’t bothered to make any for a while.

– Drums of Forgotten Kings/of the Wild: Speaking of, Kurn’s a LW and can make drums. I wonder if they’re selling well these days.

So those are my plans for the weekend. Anyone have additional money-making tips? Professions at my disposal:

Skinning, Herbalism, Mining, Fishing, Enchanting, Tailoring, Jewelcrafting, Alchemy (Elixir spec and Transmute spec), Inscription, Leatherworking.

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  1. I only really know one thing that tends to work well, even though I don’t know enough about alchemy to know if your alchemist can do it or not. But sometimes I go mine a buttload of Saronite and have it transformed into titanium by a guildie. Saronite for free, Titanium for loads of gold :-)

    Oh! One other thing. I recently had to farm some gold on a fresh DK I made (because I started a few alts on a new server). I just solo’d a few old-world instances (Zul’Farrak was best money for time) and sold everything of value. Especially cloth seems to sell well. I have no sufficiently leveled professions on there, so making loads of gold quick is kinda hard. I tried solo’ing Stratholme, but at level 58 that’s just a tad too hard imho. I gave up half-way, due to too many mobs.

  2. I say put together a prot spec and give Kara a shot. Kill the trash up to and around Moroes (but not the boss himself, so you can soft-reset if you like it) and up to the theatre. Vendor everything, unless there’s a market for the dust/essences from greens.

    All of the mobs should be considered humanoid or undead, and will thus drop silver, and plenty of it. Last time I went, I think the average was around ~70s each, with peaks of 90 and lows of 40.

    Boring? Sure. But a decent “guaranteed” way of making some cash, as long as you can down the mobs. Which, really, you should be able to. Holy Wrath is hax in there.

  3. Or, alternatively, you could put together a BM “pet tank” spec for Kurn, if you don’t want to abandon one of your holy specs. Oh, the possibilities!

  4. Kaboomski – with the cooldown removed and the fact I have a transmute-specced alchemist, I might end up doing this. Thank you! :)

    X – Ah, except that I have 0 bag space on the pally as it stands. I have about 15 slots free out of all my bank bags (20-slotters) and toon bags. So she’s not a good farmer. I suppose that the area past Opera would work, except that I couldn’t beat R&J if it ended up being that, since I wouldn’t have the interrupts to interrupt Julianne’s heals.

    And I would rather solo Lich King Heroic on 25 for the rest of my days than spec BM. ;) So not the best options. ;)

  5. You say you have a Scribe – assuming she knows all glyphs, sell the profitable ones, if your server’s economy can support that. I can make 600-700g a day on glyph sales without really trying on my server. Just make sure you’re using Little Sparky’s Workshop and only making ones with a reasonable profit margin.

    JC can also be profitable, is a bit fussier in my experience though. Obviously know your market and only list 12h due to the high deposit cost (but you probably know that already). Don’t forget about selling nightmare tears either, they can be relatively ‘safe’.

    Good Luck!

  6. Also, a general tip, find weird niches. Since you have an xmute spec alchemist, look into the Primal Might market. If there aren’t many people in it and if you can start to buy up some cheap mats over time for them, they do still sell (because any xmute alchy needs them at some point).

    And, hmm, if you want to farm something, maybe any of the things people need for the ‘Insane’ achievement might be relatively popular in the summer/pre-Cata? Eternal Lifes for Darkmoon Cards for example.

  7. R&J is actually a perfectly reasonable fight to solo. You just have to stand there for an hour or two while she runs OOM.

    Oh God, soloing High Priestess Jeklik. D:

  8. Oh and since you have a chanter, maybe sell scrolls of lowbie/leveling enchants, especially if you find cheap mats. Run speed to boots, crusader, +4 stats to chest, +agi to weapon, fiery weapon, 30 spellpower weapon, etc. More ‘niche’ stuff :)

  9. Aloix – Wow, thanks for all the ideas. :) Sadly, my scribe does not know all the glyphs — probably not even most of the glyphs. But some of the other ideas might work very well for me. I had mats for four fiery enchants, for instance, just lying around, so that’s all been posted to the AH. :)

    X – Nope, Julianne can cast her heals with 0 mana. Been there with a priest who’s mana burned her in the past. We thought we had won and then, with literally 0 mana, she heals to full.

  10. Definitely not the case in my experience. o.O

    Before I remembered my Felhunter had Spell Lock on auto-cast (when I was a nooooooob) I drain’d her mana to 0. Every time she started to cast it, I drained again to make sure she was at 0, and it never went off. Weird.

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