Episode 76 – I Like Farming for Whelplings

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m back to playing WoW and I’m eagerly anticipating Overwatch! What about you? What are you doing in WoW and what are you looking forward to in Overwatch? Let me know on Twitter! (@kurnmogh)   [display_podcast]   Shout-out to @Terrorazz for being a great tank in LFR! 🙂

Episode 75 – Overwatch Thoughts

My weekend plans were thrown to hell this weekend as I realized I had access to Overwatch’s beta weekend. It was pretty awesome! Not sure when the next episode will be, but there will be one! Gotta beat out Blessing of Frost, after all. 😉 Let me know your favourite Overwatch character! Map! Type of…

Episode 74 – I Like You Just the Way You Are

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the long-awaited Episode 74 of the Kurncast! Today, I will discuss Firewatch, an awesome game I played last weekend. I’ll also briefly touch on Minecraft and Majik, plus talk about work and how my guild leader and raid leader skills are, once again, coming in handy in the so-called “real…

Episode 73 – Majik Stalked Me

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time, once again, for a brand-new Kurncast, featuring tales of woe and sorrow from Minecraft. Also, what are YOU doing to stay interested in World of Warcraft? Give me suggestions so I actually stay subscribed. Tweet me @kurnmogh and let me know what’s keeping you interested and subscribed! Maybe I’ll give…

Episode 72 – Bad Timewalking Choices

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Episode 72 of the Kurncast – Bad Timewalking Choices. It was Cataclysm Timewalking this time around and, honestly, what on earth were the devs thinking when they made those selections? Timewalking and more on this week’s Kurncast! [display_podcast]

Episode 71 – THINGS GOT REAL

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Episode 71 of the Kurncast where THINGS GOT REAL this week. In Minecraft. ALSO, Warcraft stuff! (shockingly) Enjoy! [display_podcast]   And, as promised, pics!

Episode 70 – Apologies for Talking about Minecraft for 12 minutes

Hi folks. Yup, 12 minutes of Minecraft talk, followed by another 20 or so minutes of WoW talk — specifically expansions and dungeon difficulty level. Am I on to something? Do easier dungeons make for a more enjoyable expansion experience? What’s your take? Hit me up on Twitter: @kurnmogh [display_podcast] Thanks for listening, please do…

Episode 69 – Of Moose and Minecraft

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Episode 69 of the Kurncast! I am sick this week, but I persevered and recorded something. I think it makes sense. Mostly. Enjoy, then, this episode about moose and Minecraft and other amusing tidbits. Also, what about Wrath of the Lich King makes you nostalgic? Comment, tweet or email me…

Episode 68 – Kurn’s First Mythic

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Episode 68 of the Kurncast! This week, Kurn does research, does a couple of dungeons, loses some quest givers and does her first mythic dungeon… [display_podcast] Hope you all had happy holidays and that you all have a happy and safe new year!    

Episode 67 – WoW, Hearthstone & 12 Things

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Episode 67 of the Kurncast! This week, I talk about WoW, Hearthstone and then share 12 little-known facts about myself.   [display_podcast]   Thanks to the twelve people who indicated they wanted me to share something! Follow them on Twitter: Kevin Poitras – @Kevletwit Shadowtwink – @shadowtwink2 Rho – @RhoWoW…