Month: December 2015

Episode 68 – Kurn’s First Mythic

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Episode 68 of the Kurncast! This week, Kurn does research, does a couple of dungeons, loses some quest givers and does her first mythic dungeon… [display_podcast] Hope you all had happy holidays and that you all have a happy and safe new year!    

Episode 67 – WoW, Hearthstone & 12 Things

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Episode 67 of the Kurncast! This week, I talk about WoW, Hearthstone and then share 12 little-known facts about myself.   [display_podcast]   Thanks to the twelve people who indicated they wanted me to share something! Follow them on Twitter: Kevin Poitras – @Kevletwit Shadowtwink – @shadowtwink2 Rho – @RhoWoW…

Episode 66 – I Want… The Moose

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Episode 66 of the Kurncast! A deeper, more philosophical look at the moose mount, plus some hilarity about how bad a player I can actually be! [display_podcast] Tune in next week for a new episode and don’t forget — rate us up on iTunes, leave a 5-star review! Shoutouts to…