Episode 37 (in a row) of the Kurncast – “Where are the Caverns of Time, Kurn?”

Ladies and gentlemen, in honour of it being the 37th episode of the Kurncast, I invited a special guest to join me… Majik co-hosts this episode with me and embarasses me thoroughly, to his great joy. (And probably yours as well.)

What are you waiting for? Tune in to Episode 37 (in a row), “Where are the Caverns of Time, Kurn?”

Majik was previously on Episode 23 of the Kurncast, “Your Opinion is Wrong”. He can be bothered on Twitter @Majjity.

The Clerks line is, of course, from this NSFW YouTube clip.

Mylana, who makes a cameo thanks to Episode 37 of Blessing of Frost, can be found on Twitter: @MathiasSchnell

Don’t forget to let me and Maj know if you used to enjoy our patch-note readings on Blessing of Frost! Hit me up on twitter: @kurnmogh

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