Technical Difficulties…

So, for whatever reason, my phone line and Internet service (I have DSL) have been suffering greatly over the last week or so. I can’t even hear a dialtone on my phone line and my Internet… well, here. Have a look at my speedtest results.



Normally, my downloads are only a bit better, but my uploads are usually much higher.

To compound matters, the phone company insists I have someone home when the technician comes by, in case it’s a problem with the wiring in my building.

Enter the problem: I can’t work at home with crappy Internet and/or no phone service. So short of taking a day off or whatever… Yeah. I’m going to try to convince them to just do an outdoor check and I’ll wait if it’s an indoor problem. We’ll see how that goes.

So the Kurncast will be delayed until this nonsense is fixed. Apologies!