Kurncast 61 – Does Healing Get Any Better?

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Episode 61 of the Kurncast, where I have a burning question for you. Does healing get any better? I like healing, but I hate the state of pally healing in the levelling part of the game. I feel as though I can’t get ahead of damage, I feel as though all my heals hit like a wet noodle.

Does it get better?

Is it better with another healing class?

Let me know!


Thanks to @Hasteur for the question at ask.fm/kurnmogh! Ask me your questions for inclusion. 🙂

My fellow Canadians — go to elections.ca and make sure you’re registered to vote! The next election is Monday, October 19! (Hope you all had/have a great Thanksgiving!)

PS: I know. It’s PROVING Grounds, not TRAINING Grounds. So sue me.

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