Ulduar, Reset 5, Night 4.

Mimiron can kiss my ass.

Got him to 3% in phase 4.

Problems: Healing through damage in phases 2/4, people taking unnecessary damage due to mines, rockets (!) and laser barrage.

Solution: Everyone should suck less.

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  1. Now, I’m no tank, but I also (for a while) mained a DK with a lot of emphasis on making him the best damn DK he could be. Because, y’know. Fail DKs are fail. And, granted, I haven’t played since 3.1 hit, so blood tanking may have changed, but with my experience, I can see a couple of big problems with his build.

    First thing that stands out is putting 5 points into Necrosis. While 20% extra damage seems handy, with a proper rotation, you shouldn’t be using auto-attacks. I think, based on the little haste I had, and in either blood or frost presence, I had maybe (MAYBE) one white-damage attack while waiting for a Blood/Death rune to clear up. I would have rather seen those 5 points in Runic Power Mastery and Nerves of Cold Steel (based on his weapon choice) or Improved Blood Presence (10% bonus to healing should be an obvious preference) and Bloody Vengeance.

    Second is probably more important, what presence was he? If he was using blood presence, then he was actually probably making it harder on the healers than if he was in frost presence. In my experience, being a blood build (with Rune Tap, Vampiric Blood, Blood Worms, et cetera) with frost presence will let you solo elites at four or five levels higher, whereas you would get your ass handed to you in blood presence. If you need that extra 4% healing, you’re probably not ready to tank in blood spec. Come back later.

    For some reason, I have a big problem with him taking Scent of Blood with a 45/5/21 build. Blood doesn’t use Runic Power for… Well, anything, really. They use it for Death Coil (as does everyone) and Dancing Rune Weapon, which he doesn’t have. Further reason for him to consider taking Runic Power Mastery, so he can pump even more Death Coils out.

    More proof that I’m not a tank, is he relying more on damage mitigation or dodge/parry/block? Five points in Anticipation is the easiest way to get into the second tier of Unholy, but is it better than Vicious Strikes and 3/5 Anticipation? Without being deep enough to get a perma-Ghoul, 3% extra strength from Ravenous Dead is mediocre at best, and could definitely be put somewhere else to much better use. Blood-Caked Blade is another auto-attack talent which shouldn’t be cropping up often, and the proc rate is about the only reason why it doesn’t suck.

    All in all? I think that it’s a fine theorycraft build, but theorycraft should never be used in progression raids. I would rather see something like http://www.wowhead.com/?talent#jciMZGxxxA0hkf0isst:pGi for when he’s in Ulduar. But again, this is all based on speculation and offhand experience.

    Grats on the latest achievements. :)

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