Ulduar, Reset 6, Night 1 (plus some bitching)

We didn’t get Mimiron on Monday night. We wiped 23 times on Mimiron on Monday and didn’t get him.

So Tuesday, the goal was to hit Flame Leviathan, XT-002 Deconstructor, Kologarn, Auriaya and then focus on Mimiron until it got *done*.


Keepers of Ulduar, bitches. That’s right, Mimiron down. And it only took us six tries tonight! Granted, that’s about … well, it’s more attempts than I want to add up, in total. But Mimiron DOWN.

I spent half the fight dead on the ground. The ONLY Rocket Strike I have taken on that fight, EVER, and it happens on the kill, as I’m running back to my spot from Laser Barrage! I was watching Grid and auto-running towards my spot and by the time I noticed where I was and tried to strafe left to get out of it as fast as I could, it landed on me.

So Mimiron went down, then we did Razorscale, Ignis and Iron Council. So that’s 8 bosses in one night, which is pretty fun. Also fun?


Just rackin’ up achievements. :)

What’s not fun is being insulted by an officer. I don’t think that I mentioned it, but I was promoted to officer last week. Actually, it’s “Advisory Board”, but I have access to officer chat and the forums, I’ll occasionally be promoted to assistant in raids, etc.

So we had a trial resto shammy in for Razorscale, Ignis and the Iron Council last night. We were all pretty interested in him, so I was keeping an eye on him for Razorscale and wanted to see how well he avoided fire and such. I gave my brief thoughts in officer chat as we clear to Ignis. The following are exact, direct quotes, because I took screenshots. But I don’t feel like editing several screenshots to blur names, etc.

Me: shammy did well on RZ, except he was the second most healed by himself.

Shammy Officer: well thats mostly how the majority of healers are anyway lol

Me: Shouldn’t be. :)

Shammy Officer: well if u dont keep yourself alive u cant keep anyone else alive

Shammy Officer: on mim i heald myself the most even over [the tank] by 10k

Me: obviously, but it’s indicative of taking too much dmg.

Priest Officer: i healed [shammy officer] alot too

Shammy Officer: only take dmg in 2 and 4

Shammy Officer: and u won on dmg taken lol

Shammy Officer: 4mil ftw

Me: Yeah, a rocket hitting me as I run back to my position is totally the same thing. ;)

Pally/Recruitment Officer: mad, would you be willing/avail to talk to [resto shammy app] after the raid with [shammy officer]?

Shammy Officer (in response to my previous comment, I think): lol

Me: Sure.

I really didn’t FEEL like cooperating with the shammy officer after that jab, but I was going to.

And then, AND THEN, apropos of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, I get linked overhealing charts from Mimiron, which looks like this: Ret pally, holy priest, holy pally, disc priest, holy priest, me, shammy officer. I had an overhealing percentage of 76.9%, the highest of everyone. The other pally had 74.8%. I did mention I died, right? Before the really healing-intensive phase of the fight was over?

So I whisper him back: “And?”

“i dont waste heals for the most part”

That happened at midnight. It’s now 3am the next day. I am still pissed off.

It’s like, what the hell does my overhealing have to do with the resto shammy app healing himself? What does my overhealing have to do with anything? Do I run out of mana? Rarely. Do I not pop my cooldowns? No. Do I do what I can to keep the tank (or whoever my target is) alive? Yes.

I think what REALLY gets me is that this is coming from an enhancement shaman who routinely steals aggro and gets two-shotted, who REGULARLY doesn’t flask/use elixirs and who clearly does not understand that his Glyphed Chain Heal SMART HEALS four targets versus my 18k CRIT BOMBS that splash 1800 healing around the target I just hit, regardless of their own health, leading to mad, mad overheals.

The guy is basically telling me I don’t know how to heal.

I’m sorry, I don’t know how to heal? How I was a key healer in Apotheosis throughout BC? Why did I make myself the warlock tank healer in every fight we had and routinely on the main tanks? Seriously, implying that I don’t know how to heal? Why, then, at level 60, while healing a Strat UD pug, a ret pally who had mocked my ability to heal (“pallies cant heal lol”) and then asked me for POINTERS after the run? How, then, at level 70, was I duo-healing Karazhan successfully with 900 +healing? Is my INABILITY TO HEAL the reason I was solo-healing the add tank on Anetheron in Hyjal? Is my complete lack of skill why I am always trusted with the “tough” healing jobs?

It got worse tonight, Wednesday. You may recall my long-winded diatribe about the DK who’s tanking as blood. More direct quotes from officer chat:

Me: So do I get a friend in the tunnel with me since Cajun is still blood tanking? :)

Shammy officer: lol so cajun doesnt take any dmg

… I’m sorry. Did you not see the charts? The numbers? The insane damage spikes that are really not reliably healable? The RL then said over vent he was going to switch things up a little bit.

DK officer: oooo, let me do the tunnel, make [other DK] do Arena!

Shammy officer: oo i wanna heal tunnel

Whisper from me to the RL: “I like [DK officer]’s idea. But if [shammy officer] wants to heal the tunnel with [other DK]? BY ALL FUCKING MEANS. :)”

So I got the DK officer, who’s a frost tank, and my GOD, it was just so, so, so much easier. Couple of hairy moments in the three attempts before we got him. Both times I lost him in the tunnel, it was CC-related. It was nice to not feel like I was failing.

UGH. I don’t know why this asshat is being such an asshat. It’s like, way to engender a feeling of teamwork, douchebag. It’s really unpleasant in general and I’m gonna be writing a letter to the DK officer (sort of the GM) and my class officer about this. Just as soon as I stop wanting to throttle the guy. :)