Episode 41 of the Kurncast – “FIRE IS BAD!”

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Episode 41 of the Kurncast! Shocking, I know.

After a week off, I’m back with some ramblings, primarily on the theme of “What’s the one thing you would have wanted to know before you started raiding?”

Thanks to Hasteur, Greendye, Manech, Mylana, Numinal and Losfer for their tweets, which I talk about in the show. Excellent advice from all!

Of note:

Are you an artist? Check out this Kickstarter by my friend, Samantha Youssef. If you can’t be a backer, no problem, but please share. πŸ™‚

Please help out Fugara, my former GM, in getting out of a bad situation, if you can. If not, no worries, but please spread the word!

And without further ado… here is Episode 41.

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