Episode 62 – Elixir Shenanigans!

Got the paladin to 100 through ELIXIR SHENANIGANS, thanks to advice from @Wellwow (who pointed me to this resource: http://www.wowhead.com/guides/powerleveling-90-100) and @YAWoWB (who, along with Wellwow, pointed me to HandyNotes!). Thanks also to @WJRez and @Asyluun, as well as Rooster, for cheering me on for my proving grounds shenanigans!

Videos of Proving Grounds (audio is definitely NSFW):

– Bronze, Silver, first attempt at Gold: https://youtu.be/oIK_U6vAnwo
– Gold: https://youtu.be/exRVFUIshHs

Don’t forget to ask me questions at http://ask.fm/kurnmogh! Thanks to @Hasteur and Rooster for their questions this week. 🙂

Finally, Canadians, please go vote on Monday, October 19th. All the info you need is at elections.ca!

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