Episode 6 of The Kurncast

Welcome to what may be the last episode of the Kurncast hosted here at Kurn’s Corner! I’m planning on shifting it over to my guide site at kurn.info in the next week. Perhaps two weeks. Why? I want to get it listed in iTunes and Stitcher and such, and while I’m not really inclined to go get a domain name for it, I figure that it’s for the best to separate the podcast from my actual blog.

(Oh dear, this means I need to actually write more blog posts…)

Oh, and here’s the post linked from the Undermine Journal about making cash in Bastion of Twilight:

Finally, if you’re in need of webhosting, please do consider Bluehost! If you use this affiliate link, you’d also be helping to support me in various WoW-related efforts. Thanks so much! 🙂

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