Today's Edition of Kurn is a Shammy Noob

Around level 65, I soloed Banthar, Bach’lor, Gutripper and Tusker, with no issues.

I received the Totem of the Plains as my reward from good ol’ Hemet Nesingwary.

Now, I’ve been master looter of more than my fair shair of raids.  I saw the Totem of Healing Rains drop a dozen times, easily, watched as the Totem of the Maelstrom got DEed every time it dropped…

Never once did I pay any attention to the flavour text that says “Counts as an Air, Earth, Fire, and Water totem.” Nope. Not once. Not even when I got my own Totem of the Plains, my first relic item on my shammy.

Until I was chatting with a friend back on Eldre’Thalas who was like “you’re not still carrying your four totems around with you, are you?”

“… why wouldn’t I be? Don’t I need them in my inventory to be able to drop, you know, totems?”

“Do you have a relic?”


“Kurn, read the relic.”


So I put my totems in my bank (rather than destroying them on my friend’s advice) and proceeded to drop all my totems as if I still had all four in my inventory.

I love (and also hate) that this game is so vast that I still learn things about it three and a half years in. Like, things that aren’t even new. Relics were introduced when, pre-2.0? Way to go, me. Way to go.

Attention world!

The shammy has Steve, repeat, the shammy has Steve and is parked at Valiance Keep.

Level 68. I’m scared, to be honest. Now the tough stuff begins. And honestly, Borean AGAIN or Howling Fjord? Hm.


Just dinged level 67 on the shaman. I have soloed all the Nesingwary quests and just now freed Corki for what is hopefully the very last time ever.

I really hate that guy.

Can’t wait to get Steve at level 68 after having gotten Josh at 66.

What’s that? You don’t know who Steve and Josh are?

Josh is the earth elemental shammies get at 66. A former guildie decided to name his Josh when he got him, as his brother had named his mage’s water elemental Billy. This guildie pondered for a while what to name the fire elemental.

After much discussion, he settled on Steve, in honour of pre-BC-era fire mage extraordinaire, Tandrace. Tan was a female toon but didn’t have a microphone so we always teased her about being some dude named Steve. To this day, Tan’s true gender remains a secret…

But instead of naming my earth and fire elementals something different (my mage’s water elemental, for example, is named Clyde), I elected to stick with Josh and Steve, if for no other reason than I <3 Tan and wish to pay her tribute. :)

So overpowered…

Back in Burning Crusade, when warlocks were something to be feared, a guildie rolled a warlock alt and called it “Imop”.

“Imop?” I said.

“No, no,” he replied, “that’s I’m OP.”

I laughed.

On Sunday night, I seriously considered renaming my shaman alt “Imop”. Because she really, really is. How so?

I nearly soloed Overlord a couple of weeks ago. That was my first big hint.

The Jump-a-Tron quest in Nagrand? Well, I shocked myself by landing on the nest on the first attempt. And then hauled out the ol’ spirit wolves after the momma bird came looking for me.

12 seconds later, the ol’ momma bird was dead.

That was my second big hint.

What convinced me, though, was going out there at level 65 and soloing Banthar, a level 67 elite. 25 thousand health? So not a problem. Not with spirit wolves, Maelstrom… I didn’t even have to blow Shamanistic Rage.

I suspect that I’ll be able to get Bach’lor and the windroc elite (whose name escapes me at the moment) about as easily, and I now have an Earth Elemental Totem so I’m thinking Tusker will be pretty easy, too.

If all else fails, I have FROSTSHOCK and can kite her over to Telaar. ;)

I’m sure that shaman aren’t quite this OP in raid situations and stuff, but while levelling, putting out this kind of damage, while surviving? The only thing I’ve seen as OP as an enhancement shammy thus far is a ret paladin. (Soloing 3-man group quests in Dragonblight as a ret paladin in holy gear is hilarious.)

Good times!