Kurn's Q&A #13

It’s that time again! Lost and V watched, here are some quick questions I’ve picked up from my search terms in my web stats along with my own answers.

1) is there a way to make a mcro that tells you how much you healed someone for

The short answer is probably. Just get yourself a combat text addon like Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text or use the default scrolling combat text that Bizzard provides.

2) does divine intervention heal professor putricide

I have not tested this, but if it is cast on someone who has Mutated Plague, it will probably remove Mutated Plague. So yes, I imagine it would heal Putricide.

3) does divine sacrifice stack

No. This HAS been tested. The second one will overwrite the first one.

4) does libram of renewal stack with glyph of seal of wisdom

Absolutely. 5% off the cost of your healing spells and 113 mana off Holy Light. This is why it’s still our Best in Slot (BiS) libram. And it’s item level 200.

5) hardmode dreamwalker best way to hit red orbs

Ugh, ugh, ugh. I did this on Monday night for the first time. The orbs take a lot longer to respawn in the portal so I basically said “always move counter-clockwise and WATCH for people around you! Don’t ninja someone’s orb, wait the second or two for them to get it WITH YOU.” And this worked remarkably well.

6) healing toravon resto druid

As a druid, chances are, you are going to be healing the raid. On 10-man, try to keep Rejuvenation up on just about everyone. Use Wild Growth on cooldown. Be prepared to use WG right as a Whiteout is coming. On 25-man, I like to keep the active tank hotted, spreading Rejuv and WG throughout the raid as I’m able to. I like to try to keep a 3-stack of Lifebloom on the tank and let it bloom right after Whiteout. If all else fails, right as a Whiteout happens, hit Barkskin and then Tranquility.

7) how to be a tank

The basics are:
– hold aggro (attention from the angry things trying to kill your party)
– stay alive
– don’t be a dick to your healer. :P

Here’s a more detailed guide.

8) how to unlock hard modes icecrown citadel

Very simple: kill Arthas on regular difficulty. Anyone who has killed Arthas on regular difficulty can then form a raid and can turn on heroic difficulty. (Uh, by “Arthas”, I mean “The Lich King”.)

9) soloing first 2 mobs heroic forge

Easy mode as a paladin. Any tank class should be able to do this, really. It’s a little harder as a DPS, but if you happen to be able to CC an undead, you can do this easily as well. In my prot gear, I’d take them both on, Consecrating, use Seal of Light (and judging Light, too) and keep my defensive CDs up like Holy Shield and Sacred Shield. Easy. They don’t hit that hard in basic tanking gear and if you have things like Shield Wall or Frenzied Regeneration, these CDs should help you live through them.

10) soul shriek silence warriors ?

Yes. It does. Please cleanse or dispel Soul Shriek from your warrior tanks. Your raid members will thank you. ;)


These days, I’m pugging a lot less, so I have less stories of fail, BUT…

Today. Violet Hold Heroic.

The “tank”:

Hashbrowniee from Ner’zhul.

Put him on ignore. 506 defense. No gems. NO relic (!). Didn’t even have Righteous Fury on until I told him to put it on three times.

Just a pitiful excuse for a player. I told him to respec ret and not inflict himself on others in an important role and he’s like “naw i like the instant queues”.

UGH. He got crit in the face a bunch. Good thing at least *I* knew what I was doing so I could keep his sorry ass alive.

And 25m heroic modes continue!

Hope everyone had a good Easter or a good Sunday, whichever applies to you. ;)

For myself, brunch with the family, followed by some horrible 3v3 arenas, followed by a nap, followed by a raid. We had cancelled on Thursday — people were sick, unable to make it, I had something come up… so we cancelled and reconvened tonight.

Heroic Blood Prince Council down.

Heroic Blood Queen Lana’thel down.

Heroic Festergut still wiped the floor with us.

Princes was actually pretty easy. “Don’t move,” is basically the key to the fight, although moving when necessary is also important. ;) Lana’thel was intense. We just clipped enrage, she killed both tanks and then we won. Princes only took two tries and BQL took three.

I don’t understand the issues behind Fester. It’s just all kinds of bad. The malleable goo is beaning people, the tanks are dying, the range are dying and basically, no one is living past two minutes or so. Time to go through the logs and make notes about healers, goo, assignments and the like. Hooray death logs?

And in other news, my brother, on his level 47 (?) paladin is about 8 bunny ears from being the Noble. This involved me running around the damn world with him, while on my mage, to port him from place to place and usually to save his fool ass from mobs trying to rip him apart. Screw Noblegarden; I did it once on Kurn and that was more than enough for me. And my brother is similarly unimpressed with the amount of farming of chocolates he had to do.

Anyways. Logs!

ETA: Oh God, the logs make me want to cry. :( People not casting, ranged not getting any heals, people ignoring Vile Gas entirely… GAH.

Hard modes? More like Not Facerollingly Easy Anymore Modes.

So we went into ICC tonight and attempted five different hard mode fights.

1) Lord Marrowgar. Coldflame lasts longer, bone spikes during bonestorm… I got impaled by a spike during a bonestorm AND Marrowgar came whirling my way and I died. So did another healer. And another healer had already died.

But then Marrowgar died, so all was well!

Heroic modes Attempted/Succeeded: 1/1

2) Gunship Battle. Rockets knock you back 7 yards and hit for more damage. Mages have more health. The Horde ship (or Alliance, if you’re Horde) has more health.

Okay, this was still facerollingly easy.

Heroic modes Attempted/Succeeded: 2/2

3) Deathbringer Saurfang. Has more health, likely to get more Marks of the Fallen Champion. Adds are super fast and annoying and debuff the whole raid to 20% movement speed. Will one-shot anything but a tank.

Ow, my face. We tried three times and got up to 5 Marks of the Fallen Champion and were completely unprepared for the amount of raid damage taken and the amount of blood power he generates.

Then we switched it back to normal and killed his ass.

Heroic modes Attempted/Succeeded: 2/3

4) Rotface. The addition of Vile Gas complicates things, requiring some people to remain at range. The ooze on the ground now slows/roots you. The infection now reduces healing done by 75%, not 50%.

It actually seemed to go by faster than normal mode.

Heroic modes Attempted/Succeeded: 3/4

5) Festergut. Okay, moving all the healers at once to avoid Malleable Goo is dumb and leads to tank death. Speaking of tank death, HOLY TANK DAMAGE, BATMAN.

In 1.5 seconds:

[22:24:49.497] Festergut hits MT 27196  (A: 2353)
[22:24:49.733] Madrana Holy Light MT +0 (O: 15383) (clearly this is lag on my part)
[22:24:50.476] Festergut Gastric Bloat MT 11250 (R: 1523)
[22:24:50.598] Festergut hits MT 27334
[22:24:51.039] Festergut Gaseous Blight MT 1391 (R: 251)
[22:24:51.269] MT dies

So that’s 27k + 11k + 27k  = 65k damage in 1 second. Plus another 1k damage half a second later. Yikes.

He’s still up, so we’ll go back tonight and maybe try again.

Heroic modes Attempted/Succeeded: 3/4.5 ;)

My poll over there on the right (on the main blog page) asks you what you think about heroic modes. Vote (or not) and comment here (or not), but I think it would be neat to get a discussion going about heroic modes/dungeons/raids.