Things I've learned.

Things I’ve learned in the past 36 hours:

– when I’m level 69, I am physically incapable of stepping away for longer than a few minutes before dinging 70.
– 900g for a flying mount and the training that goes with it is still substantial, even when you have over 2300g.
– it is likely a poor idea to drop herbalism for engineering unless you have all the mats you’ll need to grind engineering all the way to 350 so you can make your helm.
– Power Word: Shield is only castable on people in your party or raid. How did I get 4 70s without realizing this?
– There’s a Codex: Prayer of Fortitude III out there. Grump.

So yeah, I levelled my priest to 70. Actually, he’s my brother’s priest. He gave him to me at level 46 or something and by 55 or something, I wanted to kill myself if I played it anymore. So, Gneiss (as he was known) sat on the shelf for months. I got a friend into WoW so we levelled together for a bit before she totally, entirely surpassed me. :P And then I got to playing a bit on a RL friend’s server… and this friend suggested I just ninja-transfer the priest (who was on my account anyways) to her server, as Gneiss was 62 and her shammy was 61…

Two months later of off-again, on-again play, she has a 70 shammy and I have a 70 priest. I’m eager to really play him in 70 instances to see about healing that consists of more than “Flash of Light” and “Holy Light”. I actually went to Shadow Labs (first key frag — that questline is AWESOME experience if nothing else) when I was 68. Dinged 69 just before the first boss and had 0 trouble in my leet healing gear. Yeah, that was like, 800 +healing and a pitifully poor mana pool. Then again, my RL friend was on her shadow priest and we had a tank in full T5 tanking, plus a halfway competant mage pugger and a huntard who, despite the huntardation, knew how to trap things. The third boss there is my least favourite in that instance, as my pally, because of all the AOE damage, all the running…

Had 0 issues healing it at 69. None. I tossed up renews, prayer of mending, even used prayer of healing at one point. Didn’t need a mana potion or anything. Quite a nice change from the stress of healing it back in the ol’ days on my pally.