Weird runs…

I was online tonight because I couldn’t sleep due to a headache. So I decided to get on WoW and play with my holy pally’s UI.

After futzing with it for a bit, I wanted to try it out in a raid scenario or something and there in Trade, someone was looking for a healer for Normal Vault of Archavon. So I said I’d go.

I get into the group and I look at the classes. There’s a druid… who is in moonkin form. There’s another paladin, who only has 6k mana. There’s a warlock. Three hunters. A rogue. A death knight. And then they bring in another druid, so I figure, hey, it’s a resto druid. Sweet.

Uh, no. The druid is feral and is MTing.

… so I’m the only healer?

Apparently, I am.

Piece of cake, didn’t lose anyone.

Anonymous WWS here, to protect the stupid:

I’m “Gemini”. The moonkin (“Dew”) tossed out a few heals, and didn’t DPS hardly at all, but really, I healed the living crap out of that place.


Elixir Mastery updated…

That’s right, folks. That 10-proc of Flask of the Frost Wyrm? INTENDED.

To answer some questions brought up in this thread:

Mixology will work like it does now, if you know the recipe to create the flask, the flask will grant double the duration, so 2 hours in the new case.

Elixir Mastery is also being updated to work with the new flask design so for example where you got 2 or 3 extras before you will now get 4 or 6 extras.


Just dinged level 67 on the shaman. I have soloed all the Nesingwary quests and just now freed Corki for what is hopefully the very last time ever.

I really hate that guy.

Can’t wait to get Steve at level 68 after having gotten Josh at 66.

What’s that? You don’t know who Steve and Josh are?

Josh is the earth elemental shammies get at 66. A former guildie decided to name his Josh when he got him, as his brother had named his mage’s water elemental Billy. This guildie pondered for a while what to name the fire elemental.

After much discussion, he settled on Steve, in honour of pre-BC-era fire mage extraordinaire, Tandrace. Tan was a female toon but didn’t have a microphone so we always teased her about being some dude named Steve. To this day, Tan’s true gender remains a secret…

But instead of naming my earth and fire elementals something different (my mage’s water elemental, for example, is named Clyde), I elected to stick with Josh and Steve, if for no other reason than I <3 Tan and wish to pay her tribute. :)


So about three weeks ago, when I joined my new guild, I was put on standby while they worked on Sarth3D. When they got him down, I realized I had the timer free, so I pugged later that week and wound up with the Chestplate of the Great Aspects. But my four-piece set bonus would break if I equipped it, since I had T7(.1) gloves, chest and T7(.25) shoulders and pants.

So it’s been sitting in my bank.

Went to Naxx tonight, despite being exhausted from not sleeping a lot lately, and KT drops not one, but TWO pally/priest/warlock helm tokens. I was the only one who wanted it for main spec. I WIN!

So now I have my sweet T7 4-piece bonus AND the best chest in the game for me. I’m so excited that, despite the exhaustion, I’m playing my shammy on Proudmoore in celebration.

Flasks and Elixir Mastery

My paladin is an alchemist (and a jewelcrafter). Given that we can only use one potion during any encounter, I switched from potion mastery to elixir mastery right after 3.0 came out. It seemed pointless to proc mana potions that I could no longer chug.

The latest build of the PTR, build 9722, changed how flasks were made, and their effect.

All flasks recipes will now create 2 flasks for the same

amount of ingredients but now last 1 hour instead of 2.

Now, that seems a little weird. Two flasks for 1 hour each instead of one flask for two hours. Gone are the days of popping one flask for the whole night’s raid, thought I! Not only that, but anyone who’s been stockpiling flasks is screwed over. :(

Anyways, as an alchemist, I wanted to check that I still get the double-length on Flasks of the Frost Wyrm, so instead of a 1-hour duration, as per the tooltip, I get a 2-hour duration. I do. Sweet.

But, a friend and I worried, what does this mean for elixir masters and flask procs? Since every flask creation is essentially a 2-proc, does this mean our procs are gone?

I decided to try it out on the PTR. I don’t have an herbalist who’s over level 66, at the moment, so I transferred a toon over who brought herbs with him straight from the live AH. I brought 20 Lichbloom, 20 Icethorn and 4 Frost Lotuses, the ingredients for four combines of Flask of the Frost Wyrm, which should get me 8 flasks, according to the new 2-for-1.

So, I made a flask.

You create: Flask of the Frost Wyrm x10.

You think I’m kidding. I don’t blame you. I didn’t believe it at first myself. So I screenshotted it.


I think what happened there was an old-school 5-proc, which is the original flask I was making and then 4 extras. But since you now make 2 every time you make 1, the 4 extras turned into 8. And then I made 3 more flasks, each granting 2, which is not an extra proc.

That’s okay. 8 extra flasks at once is just fine for me, thanks. ;)

Now, whether or not this will go live… I’m unsure. I would think it would ruin alchemy. Flask prices would tumble because they’re so common, and they’d be worth less than the cost of the herbs to make them. At the same time, everyone would flask up for content, even the cheap people, if flasks were 10g apiece or something ridiculous.

I was honestly expecting procs to be 2-6, which means 0 extras to 4 extras, which is how it currently works on live.

So… I guess we’ll see what happens. :)

Edited to add:

They stack! Check out this stack of 16 flasks. (Other flasks in my bags have not been stacked together, this stack of 16 is the result of my 16 flasks made.)


So overpowered…

Back in Burning Crusade, when warlocks were something to be feared, a guildie rolled a warlock alt and called it “Imop”.

“Imop?” I said.

“No, no,” he replied, “that’s I’m OP.”

I laughed.

On Sunday night, I seriously considered renaming my shaman alt “Imop”. Because she really, really is. How so?

I nearly soloed Overlord a couple of weeks ago. That was my first big hint.

The Jump-a-Tron quest in Nagrand? Well, I shocked myself by landing on the nest on the first attempt. And then hauled out the ol’ spirit wolves after the momma bird came looking for me.

12 seconds later, the ol’ momma bird was dead.

That was my second big hint.

What convinced me, though, was going out there at level 65 and soloing Banthar, a level 67 elite. 25 thousand health? So not a problem. Not with spirit wolves, Maelstrom… I didn’t even have to blow Shamanistic Rage.

I suspect that I’ll be able to get Bach’lor and the windroc elite (whose name escapes me at the moment) about as easily, and I now have an Earth Elemental Totem so I’m thinking Tusker will be pretty easy, too.

If all else fails, I have FROSTSHOCK and can kite her over to Telaar. ;)

I’m sure that shaman aren’t quite this OP in raid situations and stuff, but while levelling, putting out this kind of damage, while surviving? The only thing I’ve seen as OP as an enhancement shammy thus far is a ret paladin. (Soloing 3-man group quests in Dragonblight as a ret paladin in holy gear is hilarious.)

Good times!

Strange Sundays.

It used to be that, back in my old guild, I’d have Sundays basically dedicated to guild stuff. From 3-4:30 (and later, 4-5:30), I’d have office hours, where people could chat with me, one-on-one about their concerns about the guild. I was also always available through private messages on our forum, but my office hours meant instant dialogue between me and the person or people in question. And through in-game chat or on Vent.

From 6-7:30 or so was our officer meeting. These meetings MOSTLY petered out after about an hour, but we’d chat a bit after that about lineups and swapping people in and out and stuff like that. By 7:30, most of that was done, people had been promoted or demoted, ginvited or whatever… and it would be time for invites for our raid at 7:45.

The raid would take place from 7:45-11:30, sometimes pushing on towards midnight. After the raid, I’d upload the combat log to WWS to parse, then haul ass to the corner store for a few minutes while it parsed, before it closed at midnight, then would sit for an hour or so going over the parse, either by myself or with other officers.

So basically, from 4pm until about 12:30 or 1am on Sundays, I was all guild, all the time, with a half-hour allocated for dinner between office hours and the officer meeting, which I usually didn’t even make use of for food.

Today, I woke up, worked from 2pm-4pm, sent my supervisor an email, played some WoW, talked on the phone, had dinner, watched TV and played a bit more WoW.

I’m not used to all this time to myself on Sundays. At one point, I was on the phone and went to myself “oh CRAP, I missed the officer– wait. There’s no more officer meetings for me. Huh.”

For the last 3 weeks or so, Sundays have been my own again. The last time Sundays were wholly mine, without the spectre of officer meetings and raids to come was probably in May of 2007.

I have a feeling it’ll take more than three weeks to break myself of the feeling that Sundays aren’t supposed to be mine.

And so it ends.

On June 1st, 2007, several former guildies and in-game friends of mine on the Eldre’Thalas server, including myself, created a new guild called Apotheosis. It was so named because Palantir had just had his wisdom teeth removed and he was on a significant amount of painkillers during the officer meeting to decide on a name for our new guild. He flipped through the dictionary and said, in a slightly stoned voice, “Apotheosis.”

A guild was born.

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Alts in the old world.

It’s been a very long time since I first fell over the edge of the cliff that denotes the zone change between Tanaris and Un’Goro. Yes, I fell over the cliff. I figured there had to be a better way to get there somehow, but I didn’t particularly care. It was sometime back in early 2006 that I stumbled through Un’Goro for the first time and skinned the crap out of dinosaurs there, got chased down by elite dinosaurs I couldn’t feign through because of the fear and did that stupid escort quest, getting that goblin back to Marshall’s Refuge.

I even remember a time when there wasn’t a flight point at the Refuge.

I’ve been through Un’Goro on basically every toon I’ve levelled. That’s my hunter, my pally, my mage, my priest and now I’m going through there on my shaman, who is probably the highest level toon of them all who has ever spent time here. She’s currently 54.

It’s at this point that I really can realize and appreciate just how much solo content there was in the old world. My shammy has done exactly two instances — a quick ZF run-through and a much more painful Sunken Temple pug. I haven’t touched any of EPL, Felwood, Winterspring or Silithus. I haven’t been to Azshara or Burning Steppes. I’ve just quested through STV and Searing Gorge and Tanaris and now I’m in the Crater.

I realized how much content I hadn’t touched when I picked up the Linken questline down here in Un’Goro last night. I’ve never actually completed it on any of my characters, I don’t think, though I believe each of them started it. So I was at the raft, then back to Marshall’s Refuge, and Linken tells me to go to Donova Snowden in Winterspring. I was like, cool, no problem… and then realized, wait. I haven’t been to Felwood. I haven’t repped up with the Timbermaw to run through their tunnel. And by haven’t been to Felwood, I mean that. Completely undiscovered on this toon.


There’s just so much to DO, so much old school stuff that I enjoyed doing in the past or never quite got around to finishing. I honestly think I’m going to chill out in the old world well beyond level 58. Screw the Outlands, I’m going to work on Timbermaw to get to Winterspring, I’m going to quest my ass off in EPL, I’m going to finally finish Linken’s quest chain and I’m going to do all those grinding quests down in Burning Steppes. I wonder if Dragonkin Menace and ALL the subsequent quests leading to the Onyxia attunement have been removed. As much as I’ve cursed Marshall Windsor over the years, which is a lot, I think I’d be sad if they removed all those quests.

So onward I go, to do the Silithid quests in Un’Goro for the very first time. Bugs freak me out, so I’ve never really done much with that chain.

Kind of nifty that, despite playing for three and a half years, I’m still finding new content, even in the old world.